Andy Cohen Hates The Name 'Summer House Winter Charm' As Much As You Do

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Andy Cohen Hates The Name 'Summer House Winter Charm' As Much As You Do

I think we all gasped when we heard that Winter House had officially been named Summer House Winter Charm. It just makes no sense! And you know who agrees with that? Mr. Bravo himself. Southern Charmers Austen Kroll and Craig Conover were on Instagram Live with Andy Cohen, and got Andy to admit he hates the name Summer House Winter Charm.

In the clip, Andy says, "I never say anything publicly against Bravo, but I actually saw the name, and I've been meaning to call two people at Bravo to say, what are you thinking?! It actively is a terrible... It is an aggressively... it's not good. It's not good."

Correct! It is an actively terrible name. It is an aggressively bad name. Austen and Craig hate it, too. Nobody likes the name! Just call it Winter House already, what's the problem? Seems like Bravo really over-thought this one. Unless there are some legal blockers to using the name Winter House, they really have no excuse.

Plus, not everyone in Winter House is from Southern Charm or Summer House. The cast also supposedly includes three models (one of whom was on The Circle and was in a Taylor Swift video). I mean at this point, should we just call it Circular Summer House Winter Charm Models?

Andy, go ahead and phone those two friends at Bravo, but ya know what, it doesn't really matter. We're gonna call it Winter House even if it's official or not. That's showbiz, baby!

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