Randall Emmett expose in LA Times

The LA Times came out with an expose today about Randall Emmett, which included allegations of civil fraud and abusive behavior:


The story includes quotes from Lala Kent, who claimed that Randall tackled her in order to get his phone away from her while she went looking for pictures of him being unfaithful around the time the reports surfaced about him with another woman.

Emmett claims all of this is untrue, including Lala's claims.

I also found the author's Twitter thread fascinating, in which she also included details about what actors starring in Emmett's films would get as compensation. Not only did Robert De Niro, for example, get reportedly paid $11M for 8 days of work, it also included comped vacations. Contracts for other actors even reportedly included smaller perks like cell phone bill reimbursements.


LOTS going on in this story...