The 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 2 Cast Is Full Of Models, Models, And Uh, Even More Models

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The 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 2 Cast Is Full Of Models, Models, And Uh, Even More Models

Hot Vax Summer has been canceled for the Season 2 cast of Too Hot to Handle. And while they may not be happy about keeping their hands to themselves, watching the models, influencers, and other assorted attractive people flush $100k down the drain will provide viewers with more sweet, sweet schadenfreude than ever before. Ready to get to know the people whose sex ban-fueled misery you'll be basking in this season? Read on for all the info you need to successfully snoop on the Season 2 cast of Too Hot to Handle's social media profiles.

But first, let's recap the rules of this admittedly weird reality TV show. Just like last year, Netflix is stranding 10 singles who are ready to do way more than mingle in paradise under false pretenses. The cast believes they're on a show that will reward their love for partying and meaningless hookups, when in actual fact their only path to taking home a $100k prize is to abstain from kissing, heavy petting, sex, and masturbation. Anyone who breaks the rules costs the entire team a hefty sum of cash with each infraction.

Ostensibly, the goal is to encourage the singles to make meaningful connections with one another, but let's be real here, after the hellscape that was 2020, trapping all of these sex-loving twentysomethings on an island and telling them they can't touch one another is basically torture. And yes, I'm here for it just as much as you are.

Melinda Berry

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Melinda is a 28-year-old New Yorker whose TikTok bio declares, "They told me I was too short to be a runway model so I created my own." That declaration should give you a good idea of the kind of positive energy the model/reality star exudes. As for her other social media accounts, her Instagram is all about the sleek modeling shots, while she seems to have fun engaging with her fans over on Twitter (yes, she already has fans even though the episodes just dropped).

Peter Vigilante

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The 21-year-old Peter is a personal fitness trainer and TikTok influencer. While he's active on most of the major social media sites, it's clear TikTok owns his heart — probably because he has a whopping 2 million followers and counting. (His fan base is already established enough that he has an active Cameo account.) Meanwhile, over on his Instagram, Peter seems to strongly believe shirts are always optional, even when you're snowboarding.

Kayla Jean Carter

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Kayla's social media presence is pretty low-key, but the one thing her Instagram confirms is that the 26-year-old is in her element whenever she's at the beach. When she's not enjoying the sand and sun, she's busy being a bartender and model in Florida.

Marvin Anthony

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If there's one guy all the girls are going to swoon over this season it's Marvin, a 26-year-old model from Paris, who also happens to be a former basketball player. For now, Marvin seems focused on curating his Instagram to only include his best modeling shots, while his TikTok is the place to go if you want to see his dance moves.

Larissa Trownson

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Auckland, New Zealand native Larissa is a lawyer, and it seems like the 28-year-old hasn't had much time for social media until recently. Her Instagram only has a handful of posts, and most of them are bikini or lingerie shots. Meanwhile, her Twitter is only home to 10 tweets — all of which are about Too Hot to Handle.

Chase DeMoor

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The 24-year-old Chase is a professional football player from Arizona, who clearly has all sorts of game. Checking out his Instagram and TikTok feeds, his passion for football is on full display, while Twitter is reserved for... more football (but also tweets about Too Hot to Handle and perseverance... see, he can be complex).

Emily Faye Miller

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Like her fellow model contestants, the 27-year-old London-based Emily uses her Instagram as a modeling portfolio. But she does have some fun over on TikTok where she frequently makes videos with her adorable dog.

Nathan Webb

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If you had British cowboy on your Too Hot to Handle Bingo card, then congratulations! Your prize is Nathan, a 27-year-olf former U.K. resident who moved to Texas where he worked as a Magic Mike-style stripper prior to joining the Netflix series. These days, Nathan's Instagram is full of posts about his love for country music, his dog Holly, and the American flag.

Carly Lawrence

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The 24-year-old Carly is yet another model. The Canadian loves posting selfies on Instagram, but she's not particularly active elsewhere in the world of social media. Although, she has recently joined TikTok, so keep an eye out for fresh Carly content there.

Cam Holmes

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A self-proclaimed sexy nerd, 24-year-old Cam hails from the South of Wales, and loves Lord of the Rings, Halloween, and all manner of geekery. His Instagram includes a nice mix of cute vacation and holiday pics, and pictures of the model and personal trainer showing off his abs. If you're more of a TikTik person, Cam also loves a good meme, and hey, he's even making an effort to actually post content on Twitter (OK, it's mostly meme retweets, but still).

Now that you've officially been introduced to the Season 2 cast of Too Hot to Handle, let the social media stalking commence.


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