15 Chloe Quotes From 'The Circle' That Are #VeryRelatable... Send Message

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15 Chloe Quotes From 'The Circle' That Are #VeryRelatable... Send Message

I have a proclamation. At the risk of sounding dramatic, I think Chloe from The Circle is the most relatable person to ever appear on reality TV, and I am about to back up that statement with some #CircleFacts.

The Essex queen is wonderfully, unabashedly herself at all times, which is a small miracle on The Circle. Granted, being so open on a show where half the cast is pretending to be someone they're not isn't the best strategy in terms of game play, but you have to respect Chloe for being real with the other players no matter what sort of drama she finds herself in. But it's not just that she's honest with her fellow contestants, it's that she's also honest with the viewers. She says whatever pops in her head, and as a result, Chloe has shared some seriously relatable quotes during her time on The Circle so far.

Whether she's pondering the origins of peacock feathers or getting real about what it means to be accepted by her fellow Circle players by just being her goofy self, Chloe always says what's on her mind. And even if you wouldn't say some of the things she says out loud, I'm willing to bet you've thought at least a few of them.

At this point, it doesn't matter if she wins the $100k or not, because Chloe is already a Circle icon — and the best way to honor her legendary status is by rounding up her most relatable quotes from Season 2.

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