'Too Hot To Handle' Is Returning But With A Few Changes

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'Too Hot To Handle' Is Returning But With A Few Changes

There's nothing quite like watching a bunch of hot strangers desperately try not to have sex on a reality TV show. It will clear your skin and cure your lockdown fatigue. Well, it will definitely do one of those things. Luckily, as we head into a new year of COVID-19 confinement, Netflix's Too Hot to Handle has officially been renewed for Seasons 2 and 3. And Season 2 is reportedly already in production.

Season 1 of the surprise reality hit followed a group of super hot singles brought onto what they think is a reality dating show, but is really a test of the wills. Upon arrival, the contestants were told that, while they were there to develop emotional relationships, anything physical would take money from the $100,000 cash prize. Kissing costs $3,000, oral sex costs $6,000, and so on, and the hotties are constantly monitored by an all-knowing AI named Lana. All of these parameters are expected to return for Season 2 — according to Deadline, the contestants were told they would be filming a show called Parties in Paradise to keep the same element of surprise — with one major change.

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Too Hot To Handle is switching filming locations for the next two seasons. Instead of escaping to the Mexico villa from Season 1, this new group of hotties will be going to Turks and Caicos instead. No word yet on what lucky hotel or villa will host these horny adventures. But according to the Turks and Caicos Islands tourism website, the islands are reportedly open to visitors despite the COVID-19 pandemic, with masks only mandated in public spaces. Translation: you don't have to worry about contestants trying to make out with masks on.

Netflix announced the news on Wednesday, Jan. 27, but Season 1 contestant Francesca Farago may have spilled the beans early. In November, while responding to a fan's comment about when to expect a second season, Francesca reportedly teased, "I do maybe possibly believe it maybe possibly is being filmed currently ... maybe."

Taking Francesca at her word, it sounds like Season 2 of Too Hot To Handle could already be done filming, but that doesn't mean fans should count on seeing new episodes soon. Season 1 was filmed almost a year before its April 2020 premiere, per Refinery29, and there's no reason to think that Season 2 would deviate from that schedule.

Then again... you can't blame a girl for dreaming.


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Image: Courtesy of Netflix

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