Are Cam & Emily From 'Too Hot To Handle' Still Together? A Social Media Investigation

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Are Cam & Emily From 'Too Hot To Handle' Still Together? A Social Media Investigation

Against all odds, Cam and Emily turned out to be Too Hot to Handle Season 2's most enduring couple. Despite wracking up some hefty rule break fines from Lana — including a now infamous crab grab that knocked $4,000 off the $100k grand prize — the amorous duo had their share of drama over the course of the season's 10 episodes. From Cam's date with Christina to his shower flirtation with Tabitha, the nerd/player's commitment phobia seemed poised to doom his relationship before it began.

But in the end, Cam committed to Emily, and he even told her he loved her. For her part, Em was all in basically from the moment they shared their first rule-breaking kiss, so seeing her Too Hot to Handle fellow finally stop playing games made me breathe a sigh of relief. However, it's unclear whether or not Cam and Emily are still together now that the cameras have stopped rolling.

Personally, I'm living in hope, because I feel like any couple that can have a serious discussion about what kind of cookie — err, make that biscuit — they would be is a couple built to last. It also helps that Cam and Emily live on the same continent, which at the very least should give them a better chance at making a relationship work than poor Melinda and Marvin, who have an ocean between them. But at the end of the day, they are a reality show couple, and well, history has taught me relationships forged on my TV screen rarely last longer than the end credits.

Where Are Cam & Emily Now?

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If Cam and Emily have moved in together, they're keeping it on the down low. Per their June 30 Instagram Stories, Cam watched the second batch of Too Hot To Handle episodes with Robert, the only guy on the show who was definitely hornier than he was, while Emily appeared to be watching the show alone while eating Mochi ice cream.

According to their bios, Emily is a resident of London, and Cam lives in Newport, which Google tells me is a little over a two and half hour drive. That's not too bad of a commute, so I feel like distance shouldn't be an issue. Plus, they've definitely seen each other post-show, because they've been doing joint interviews to promote Season 2.

In fact, Cam and Emily recently sat down with Heat World to discuss what it was like to watch his date with Christina play out on the show. For his part, Cam said he "found it quite hard to watch," and admitted he left Emily a voicemail apologizing even though the incident happened six months ago. But hey, at least that means they have each other's phone numbers, right?

Are They Following Each Other On Instagram?

Cam and Emily are following each other on Instagram. However, unlike their fellow Too Hot to Handle couple Marvin and Melinda, they don't comment on each other's posts very much. On his most recent shirtless post, Emily did chime in with a cheeky "put it away." Elsewhere, Emily posted about a collab with boohooMan, which prompted Cam to write, "Well hello" alongside the side eyes emoji.

It seems a bit suspicious that prior to the second batch of episodes dropping the duo refrained from leaving many comments on each other's socials. It's almost as if they had been instructed to keep things lowkey. That's definitely not the case now though, because in addition to the comments, they've also been tagging each other in their stories.

But the most suspicious piece of evidence that suggests these two are still together comes in the form of vacation photos. Two weeks ago, they both posted photos from a beachy locale. One of Emily's photos was captioned with "No babe, stop!" alongside an eyeroll emoji that feels extremely couple-y.

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As for Cam, he posted a few different vacation photos, including a selfie captioned "Holiday blues." At the very least, the timing of their posts and the similar scenery has to make you go hmmm.

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But Wait, What Have They Said About Their Love Lives?

Even though they have yet to deny or confirm their continued involvement, Cam and Emily have revealed their relationship statuses. And ya'll, they said they're taken. In a new interview with Metro, Emily revealed, "I'm in a relationship. Whether that's with someone on the show or not you'll need to find out."

Cam added, "I learned a lot from the show and I am now in a committed relationship – whether that's from the show or not you’ll need to wait and see." That's not a "yes, Emily and I are soulmates," but it's not a no either.

Whether or not these two are still dating, at the very least it seems they did learn something from the process. But until they confirm otherwise, I choose to believe they're still regularly discussing which biscuits they would be, because Cam and Emily went through way too much for their time together to be over just yet.


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