Are Marvin & Melinda From 'Too Hot To Handle' Still Together?

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Are Marvin & Melinda From 'Too Hot To Handle' Still Together?

After stealing Ross and Rachel's crown for the TV couple with the most off and on again moments in a single season of television, Marvin and Melinda ended up very much on at the end of Too Hot to Handle Season 2. But the jury's still out on whether or not these two are actually each other's lobsters. In the wake of the finale, it's unclear if Marvin and Melinda are still together — but, at the very least, the tumultuous duo are on good terms.

Here's the thing with Marvin and Melinda: At the start of the season, they seemed even less likely to stay together than Chase and Carly. Melinda went all in the moment she saw the French hottie, but he was in no way ready to commit to just one woman. Then came the fighting, Melinda making out with Carly and Peter to get a rise out of Marvin, and the exquisite cold shouldering displayed by the Parisian model in the aftermath.

It was a lot, and it certainly didn't point toward the makings of a long and healthy relationship. But after the duo blew $20,000 on a late night rendezvous they became determined to show the rest of the group that what they have is real. From that point on, their connection shined through as Marvin opened up about his childhood and Melinda became more secure in Marv's affections for her. By the end, he was talking about introducing her to his mom and they both dropped the "L" word, but the question of whether or not these two can go the distance remains.

Where Are Melinda & Marvin Now?

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One thing is clear: Neither Melinda nor Marvin has relocated just yet. According to their respective Instagrams, Melinda is still living in New York City, while Marvin is living it up in Paris. Since they're both models who are no doubt used to traveling, the long-distance part of their relationship is unlikely to be a problem. But in the world of ever-evolving COVID traveling restrictions, planning trips to see your bae on another continent isn't as easy as it once was.

This could possibly put a strain on the aspiring lobsters' relationship. One that would only be exacerbated by the fact that they're both only recently reformed players. Playing by Lana's rules was all well and good when they were staying at a beautiful resort with just a handful of hot people, but what happens when they're back to encountering a vast number of hotties in the wild?

Are They Following Each Other On Instagram?

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On the good news front, Marv and Melinda are following each other on the 'gram, and they're leaving each other lots of flirty emojis in the comments on their various selfies. On a recent photo of Melinda wearing a sundress, Marvin left her a praise hands emoji, and she shared a shot of herself rocking a bikini to which her Too Hot to Handle boyfriend replied "Wooo" alongside a flame emoji.

For her part, Melinda has been just as flirty on Marvin's social media where she left a sweating face emoji on a shirtless photo, and a whole lot of heart eyes on this pic of him flexing his muscles. However, fans shouldn't read too much into their comments since the entire cast of Season 2 seems to be super supportive of one another. They're all leaving fire emojis on each other's recent posts, alongside declarations about how smoking hot they all are, so it's hard to tell if Melinda and Marvin are together or just pals post-show.

Now that every episode of Season 2 is streaming on Netflix, Melinda and Marvin will likely serve up a relationship update for fans soon. But don't get your hopes up too high — because far too often on Too Hot to Handle what happens on the island actually does stay on the island, especially when it comes to romance.


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