I Watched 'Too Hot To Handle' Star Peter's TikToks And Now You Have To Too

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I Watched 'Too Hot To Handle' Star Peter's TikToks And Now You Have To Too

Too Hot to Handle is back, and there's not a lot of career diversity within this year's crop of sexy singles. With the exception of lawyer Larissa, pretty much everyone is a model or... an aspiring model. Then there's the baby of the group, Peter Vigilante, who is Too Hot To Handle's TikTok influencer (and fitness trainer).

At 21, Peter's career choice makes perfect sense. While "influencer" still sounds like a made up career to elder millennials and our Generation X brethren, it's actually a fast-growing job sector that goes hand-in-hand with marketing, as reported by Forbes. The key to the job seems to be finding your niche and then growing it into a brand.

For Peter, his niche seems to be his mom — and a whole lot of red wine. In his Too Hot to Handle introduction video, the proud Staten Island resident declares that his mother, Gloria Vigilante, is the most important woman in his life, and he's not exaggerating. Despite boasting to his fellow contestants that he mostly posts thirst trap on TikTok, the truth is he and Gloria are a double act.

Sure, if you look back at the start of his feed, there are plenty of standard videos featuring a younger Peter lifting weights and showing off his impressive physique. But these days, he rarely makes a video that doesn't involve his mom or wasting perfectly good red wine (or both). And it's working: He currently has over 2 million followers, proving once and for all that moms have superpowers.

Blood Kink Meme?? With His Mom???

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Peter's two go-to TikTok props are a stripper pole and a bottle of wine. But when he breaks out the wine, you better believe he's going to spill it all over himself on purpose. I couldn't find any evidence that this is a viral trend, but Peter has made it his TikTok bread butter.

In fact, he recently used a bottle of wine in blood kink response video... featuring his mom. Is it weird? Yes. Is it hilarious? Also yes.

Stripping... With His Mom

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According to Peter, he purchased a stripper pole for his house on a whim, and it has apparently went over well with the women he brings home. However, I suspect his ulterior motive for such a random impulse buy was to get his mom on the pole, which she does with flare in this video.

Whatever This Is... With His Mom (OMG)

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I'm going to be perfectly honest: I don't know what's happening here. Is it a mother-son reenactment of the pottery scene in Ghost? A failed attempt at mud wrestling? I have no clue, but I'm extremely glad I didn't have to clean up the mess.

Wasting Wine (With His Mom, OFC)

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This is a typical Peter video. It features wine, his mom, and him sans shirt. If you follow him on TikTok, this is the kind of content you can expect on the regular.

Gym Break

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Hey, it can't all be red wine stunts with Gloria. Sometimes Peter flexes his muscles, too (literally, of course).

Peter's Mom Finds Out He Has A Fans Only Account

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There are no secrets between Peter and Gloria. She knows he has a Fans Only account, and she's cool with it. She's basically Amy Poehler in Mean Girls, ya'll.

And Peter Scaring His Mom With Filters

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Gloria may be game for a lot of things, but she's not prepared for Peter to shave off his luscious curls just yet, as evidenced in this prank video.

If you thought Peter's declaration that he's a TikTok influencer would reveal he spends his days making brand partnership content and hitting the gym, you're not alone. Happily, the truth is much weirder, and it adds a whole new layer to the youngest cast member of Too Hot to Handle Season 2.


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