These 'Tiny Pretty Things' Season 2 Theories Are Dark, Twisted, & Need Answers STAT

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These 'Tiny Pretty Things' Season 2 Theories Are Dark, Twisted, & Need Answers STAT

Just as Season 1 finally answered the question of who pushed Cassie off the roof, Tiny Pretty Things served up an entirely new mystery for a yet-to-be-announced second season (please come through, Netflix!). And while many of the Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 theories stem around that final scene of the show, there are even more cliffhangers Tiny Pretty Things left unresolved in the finale that I want answers for.

Let's start off with the most pressing question though, which is hands down, who killed Ramon? The misogynistic and arrogant choreographer spent the entirety of Season 1 making enemies, which means his list of potential killers is roughly the same size as the cast list. Sure, the show loved to remind viewers how much everyone hated Cassie while she was in her coma, but compared to the Ripper director, she was basically beloved.

If Tiny Pretty Things gets a second season, the unraveling of Ramon's murder will almost certainly be the central plot, but a hypothetical Season 2 will have plenty of other questions to answer as well. For instance, what secrets did Neveah divulge to an unconscious Cassie? Is Bette really going to take the fall for Delia? And just how much of a threat will Cassie be to her classmates now that she's made a seemingly miraculous recovery?

If you're dying to know the answers to these questions, then come on and head to the barre with me for some wild speculation about what might happen in Tiny Pretty Things Season 2.

Ramon's Murderer Will Be The Last Person Viewers Expect

The Season 1 finale makes a decent case for just about any member of the Archer School stabbing Ramon, and that's going to make figuring out who the real killer is all the more complicated. Among the key suspects are: Delia (jealousy is not her friend), June's mom (she did not seem happy about the prospect of Ramon telling June he's her father), and Nabil (he and Delia should join a jealous lovers support group).

But I suspect the actual killer will be someone even more surprising. Could it be Cassie? Yes, she's in a weakened state, but Ramon is so cocky he would definitely let her get close enough to him to plunge a knife into his chest. After all, he's proven all season long that he excels at underestimating women, and he threatened her just days after she woke up from her coma.

June would be another unexpected suspect. She's seen crying over the choreographer's body, so expect Officer Cruz to jump to conclusions (again), but even though Ramon denied her a part in Ripper's tour, Junebug likely doesn't have it in her to kill someone. However, her mom has proven she'll do anything to protect her only child.

And finally, there's Caleb, who mysteriously tells Monique that he's just "settled one score" in the finale. It would be next level dark if he was talking about murdering Ramon, but in a recent email interview with The Dipp, actor Damon J. Gillespie revealed that he believes his character is capable of killing someone.

"Caleb tried to push Nabil in front of a bus and instead pushed him into his friend, in front of a bus," he writes. "I think Caleb is capable of a lot. I think by the end of the season he's confused, hurting, and definitely out for blood. I have no idea if he did it. But I know that he could."

Gillespie also shared that he doesn't think Caleb sees Nabil as a friend, even after their bromantic dance in the Save Archer video. If that means he's still secretly harboring his misplaced anger at Nabil, he may be setting him up to take the fall for Ramon's murder. In terms of twists that would certainly be a bleak one with the potential to break viewers' hearts, as well as Nabil's.

Neveah's Past Is Going To Come Back To Haunt Her, Literally

Compared to her fellow Archer students, Neveah seems like a normal, kind person who is always willing to fight for the underdog. But the final two episodes suggested there's a chapter of her past that she hasn't revealed to anyone at Archer, except for maybe Cassie.

Whatever Neveah confessed to the school's sleeping queen bee, she seemed pretty shook up when Cassie revealed she heard every word. My guess? It has something to do with the guy who broke her heart and caused her to botch her first Archer audition.

Now that she and Oren are getting closer, you can bet the writers are just dying to add some drama to their burgeoning romance. And there's no better way to do that than by introducing Neveah's ex, who is almost certainly a dancer too.

There's no way the dancer hailed as Archer's future will actually be kicked out of school, but Monique may find another way to punish her star pupil by giving Neveah's ex a full ride scholarship to Archer. And you better believe he'll bring a whole pile of secrets with him.

Delia Will Come Clean To Keep Bette From Taking The Fall For Her, And Cassie Isn't Going To Like It

Forget Ramon's murder mystery, the Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 story I want to see the most is the Whitlaw sisters inevitable confrontation with Cassie. Delia and Bette's mother has proven she is just the absolute worst, but the sisters seem to have a genuine bond.

Right now, Bette is determined to protect her big sister, earn her mother's respect, and take down Cassie all at once, but the reality of losing her place at Archer is going to set in eventually. Delia may be desperate and even dangerous, but she doesn't seem to be as ruthless as her mother. Don't be surprised if she steps up for her little sister before Bette loses everything trying to protect her.

But the real fun is going to come from seeing Delia and Bette tackle Cassie's manipulations head on. Now that she's back among the living, Cassie is proving that her reputation wasn't overstated. She has major beef with both of the Whitlaws, and if a big portion of Season 2 isn't devoted to the sisters working together to prevent Cassie from getting her revenge, it will be a missed opportunity.

Just imagine the intense dance numbers Bette and Cassie's rivalry could lead to — that alone should be reason enough for Netflix to give viewers a second season of this maddeningly twisty dance drama.


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