June's Father In 'Tiny Pretty Things' Is The Twist You Didn't Know You Needed

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June's Father In 'Tiny Pretty Things' Is The Twist You Didn't Know You Needed

Warning: Spoilers for Tiny Pretty Things Season 1. There are many mysteries in the first season of Tiny Pretty Things. Who pushed Cassie? Who will get the lead role in Ripper? Was Madam aware of the abuse at the VIP club she got the dancers jobs at? But one mystery we didn't know was even a question is who June's father is, and yet the finale of Tiny Pretty Things not only raises the question, but answers it. All in one scene.

June's family is a very big story arc for her character throughout the first season. She struggles with convincing her mom of her passion to dance as a career so much so, that she eventually emancipates herself from her mother. Of course, having to provide for herself puts her in danger at the exclusive club she ends up working at, no thanks to Madam Monique and some horrible men.

On the topic of horrible men — her dad! Unbeknownst to June, Ramon, and the viewers, it turns out that Ramon, the choreographer of Ripper, is actually June's father. Out of nowhere? Yes. Great set up for a possible Season 2? Yes.

Let's break down what we know about this twist from the finale.

Mom, Meet Ramon

As it turns out, June's mom doesn't need an introduction! Ramon and June's mom know each other from London — they "ran in the same circles." According to her mom, they haven't seen each other in ages, but they're familiar enough to recall each other's names.

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