What Happens To Ramon In 'Tiny Pretty Things'? Your Guide To Season 1's Final Moments

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What Happens To Ramon In 'Tiny Pretty Things'? Your Guide To Season 1's Final Moments

Warning: Major spoilers for Tiny Pretty Things Season 1. In Tiny Pretty Things, Ramon is the bad boy of ballet. The choreographer with a dark past comes to the Archer School of Ballet in hopes of gaining the praise of critics and young dancers alike. He finds it with his twisted take on Jack the Ripper in his ballet Ripper, which follows the notorious serial killer and his final victim Mary Jane Kelly. However, in a twist of fate, the choreographer becomes the season's last victim, when Ramon is found dead in the final moments of Tiny Pretty Things Season 1.

While it was a shocking moment, his death isn't all that surprising when you consider the amount of people Ramon pissed off in 10 episodes. He made a lot of enemies, and should the show be renewed for a second season, his death is sure to be the leading mystery.

So who killed Ramon? Let's walk through his final moments and see what we can glean.

The Last We See Him (Alive)

The last time we saw Ramon alive was after the final show of Ripper, when Monique was escorted away by the authorities. After scanning the closing night party, Ramon was not seen among the crowd. Was it during that party that he was killed? Almost all of the main characters were seen at the party at some point. Did someone sneak out to silence Ramon for good?

His Many Enemies

I would be remiss to not mention the many enemies Ramon made throughout the first season at one point or another. In no particular order, that list includes:

  • Every single one of the students
  • June's mom
  • Delia (previously known to be capable of attempted murder)
  • Topher Brooks
  • Cassie
  • Monique
  • Isabel

At the top of the list of suspects you may find Caleb, who vowed to help Monique after she was ousted by the school and was also having an affair with her while she still messed around with Ramon; Mr. Brooks, who was constantly the punching bag of "new school" Ramon and is poised to take over Archer with Monique out (Ramon hates the ballet Sleeping Beauty, ICYMI); and June's mother, who revealed to Ramon in the final episode that he was June's father. Actually, let's get into that...

The June Twist

As it turns out, June's mom paid Ramon for sex 16 odd years ago while the two were both in London, in hopes of getting pregnant. It worked, and all these years later, June and Ramon end up at the exact same dance school in Chicago.

At one point, June's mom tells Ramon she will kill him if he tells anyone about their history, to which Ramon all but laughs at. Of course, June's mom may be speaking hyperbolically, but with him showing up dead, it doesn't exactly look great for her.

On top of that, June was just replaced by Delia in Ramon's Ripper tour; so the reasons for wanting him dead just continue to mount. Could June's mom have killed Ramon? Or is there more to the final scene to dissect, including those that found him dead.

The Scene Of The Crime

Why exactly are June, Neveah, and Bette in the dance studio with Ramon's dead body? That's a great question. (Also, Bette, you're barely fresh off of taking the fall for pushing Cassie of the ledge, this isn't a great look.) Neveah and Bette seem rather composed — albeit surprised — to be in the presence of a dead body, but June seems absolutely shook by it. Is that because she had something to do with it, or is she simply more fragile than the others?

Also, what is it jabbed inside of Ramon's chest? It almost appears to be a wine opener, which doesn't seem like the easiest thing to jam inside someone's heart. That could indicate that someone with particular strength would have been responsible for his death.

Ramon's Final Words

With Cassie alive and well (for the most part), Ramon takes over as the narrator of the final moments of the season. Let's take a look at his voiceover to see if there's anything to dissect:

Everyone loves a good comeback, especially in ballet. The exiled who finds a home. The busted-up ballerina who puts herself together. The disgraced dancer who redeems himself. You live for those stories, the church of reinvention. First you vault the chosen one to success, then drive him into the wilderness, the darkness. Then you make a show of mercy, invite him back to the spotlight. And if you're the one given that comeback everyone is desperate for you to deliver, you've just one question to answer. Once all eyes are on you, craving that delicious next act. What the hell are you going to do?

It seems, as if, Ramon is talking about Monique bringing him back to Archer after his time in Paris. He is welcomed back into the spotlight, given the chance for a comeback, and has all eyes on him after Ripper is considered a success. But now what? Actor Bayardo De Murguia, who plays Ramon, told MEAWW in an interview that what comes next is still very much up in the air. "As Season 1 ends, you get to see all these different types of motives," De Murguia told the publication. "We will dive into Season 2 to see how it happened."

Given the fact that the show has not yet been renewed for a second season, we may not know what he (or anybody, for that matter) is going to do. But let's hope that Netflix is already working on the "delicious next act" soon, so we can get some answers.

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