Who Pushed Cassie Shore In 'Tiny Pretty Things'? Breaking Down The Suspects & The Culprit

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Who Pushed Cassie Shore In 'Tiny Pretty Things'? Breaking Down The Suspects & The Culprit

Spoilers ahead for all of Tiny Pretty Things Season 1. Netflix's new original ballet thriller Tiny Pretty Things begins with a tragedy. A promising ballerina, Cassie Shore, is pushed off of a roof by a mysterious figure in a hoodie, and just about everyone is a suspect. The concept may feel familiar for Pretty Little Liars fans, but unlike the seven season show in which a small town was tormented with a mysterious person(s) named "A", Tiny Pretty Things resolves who really pushed Cassie Shore within Season 1.

Throughout the first season's 10 episodes, the students of Archer School of Ballet, as well as the authorities, look for the answer. Cassie was the school's star student; her fall from the roof is also a fall from grace, not only opening up the top spot among her class, but also acting as a means of silence.

There are a lot of suspects to work through, but only one who actually brought Cassie to her almost demise. If you've completed the show or aren't afraid to be spoiled, keep reading. If you aren't ready to find out how Season 1 ends, consider this your final warning.

The Suspects

June — The Roommate

While at first June seems like a timid ballerina afraid of the spotlight, it becomes clear that she harbors an anger and jealousy towards Cassie so strong it might have brought her to her breaking point.

And while June is considered high up on the suspect list throughout the series — at one point, her fellow classmates are all but convinced it was her, after learning that she roofied Cassie the night of her fall — June is ultimately not the reason Cassie fell off of the roof. In fact, June holds the secret of who the hooded figure is, after seeing them walk down the hallway of the living quarters at the school the night of Cassie's fall.

Nabil — The Boyfriend

Nabil has a pretty good motive for pushing Cassie off the roof — her affair. They had a whirlwind romance in Paris, but shortly after arriving in Chicago, it became obvious to Nabil that the girl he fell in love with in Paris had different priorities, leading many, including Neveah and the authorities, to think he had something to do with Cassie's fall.

Although Nabil is taken into custody pretty early on in the series on suspicion of being involved with Cassie's fall, he's eventually released given the lack of evidence. When it's time for Cassie's parents to take her off life support, Nabil openly rejects the decision, urging them to continue to give her a chance to wake up (which she eventually does) and tell her story.

Ramon — The Choreographer

Ramon is the talented and divisive choreographer — the "bad boy of ballet" — joining the Archer School of Ballet this season. He was having an affair with Cassie and probably a ton of other people, considering he was spooked by non-specific texts that simply alluded to something bad happening in Paris (from Madam Monique, nonetheless). With Cassie laying lifeless in the hospital, he coldly decides to choreograph a ballet about Jack the Ripper, the serial killer, while outfitting the students in the hoodie Cassie's almost-killer wore the night she fell. Basically, this guy's moral code? Non-existent.

When Cassie does wake up in the hospital, Ramon threatens her, saying, "that fall of yours will feel like a warm-up act." He seems to have a lot to lose if Cassie speaks up about their affair, and is not going to let her ruin things for him. But, despite being a morally corrupt person, he is not in fact, the pusher.

While Cassie could certainly ruin his career (well, someone kind of does that at the end of the series anyway when they... kill him), she can't truthfully say that he was the one who pushed her.

Bette — The Rival

Bette has everything to gain with Cassie Shore out of the spotlight — including the title of star Archer student, and boy does she take to that spotlight like a pro with Cassie out of the way. We know that Bette is willing to do what needs to be done to gain the solo role in Ramon's Ripper ballet when she locks Nabil and June on the roof. Plus, her alibi is a big question mark... drunk and passed out after a night out with her mom and sister? With no memory of what happened? Interesting.

When Cassie publicly accuses Bette as the person who pushed her, Bette considers jumping off the roof. While Bette is innocent, Cassie knows that she has an upper hand in ruining her competition's blossoming career and life by naming her.

The Culprit

Delia — The Ballet Star

After Ramon casts Delia in Ripper, June quickly realizes that the person she saw in the hallway the night of Cassie's fall was the City Works star. She quickly tells the other students about her realization and it all comes back to Bette.

The night of Cassie's fall, Delia confronted Cassie about the rose and love note she left for Ramon. Delia felt threatened by Cassie's talent and ability to turn Ramon's head, and pushed her off the roof. She escaped to the lounge, where Bette was passed out, crawled out of the window, and ditched the hoodie in a planter. Bette woke up and followed her sister, stubbed her toe on the window, and came down the fire escape, where Delia met her and filled her head with false information that would later become both of their alibis.

Delia was jealous of the "younger, shinier" student that was supposedly being considered for a lead role in City Works. She didn't want to lose Ramon's interest in her as a star, and saw removing Cassie from the equation as an opportunity for both her and her sister Bette to shine. (For what it's worth, Delia did want to come forward with the truth, but her mom convinced her not to say anything.)

Of course, when Cassie woke up, she knew she could also take a rising star out of the equation, which is why she accused Bette of pushing her. Bette's mom and sister want Bette to accept this as truth because of Delia's future and Bette's ability to be charged as a minor, which is exactly what Bette does.

But with Ramon's death, none of that may matter anymore. Will Bette stick to the story that benefits her sister? Or will she break away from taking the fall (no pun intended) so she can become the star Whitlaw.

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