'This Is Us' Producer Ken Olin Teases The Final Season & Weighs In On A Shane West Cameo

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'This Is Us' Producer Ken Olin Teases The Final Season & Weighs In On A Shane West Cameo

Ken Olin's got some good news and some bad news. The good news: the executive producer and director is here to tease what fans can expect from This Is Us Season 6. The bad news: he wants everyone to know that Season 6 really is the end of the show.

"There's no possibility [of another season]," he told me — without any prompting. "We're not going to do that." Fair enough. So, what does this mean for Season 6? Well, for one thing it means that the final season has a whole bunch of plot twists to explore and questions to answer. Like, what happened to Toby and Kate that leads to their divorce and her getting remarried five years down the line? Are Kevin and Madison really done for good? And is there actually a chance that Shane West might show up for the A Walk To Remember reunion fans have been begging for?

Olin hopped on the phone with me a few weeks after the Season 5 finale to tease all things Season 6. And while he couldn't tease too much — Season 6 is still in development, after all — he did promise more heartbreak, more tears, and, yes, more drama ahead.

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Read on for more of what Olin (^that's him in between Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia) teased about This Is Us' final season.

The Dipp: This season was obviously affected by COVID — with a lower episode count and accelerated production schedules — were there any storylines that you had to lose due to COVID that you wished you could have done?

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