Will Rebecca's Big Decision On 'This Is Us' Tear The Big Three Apart?

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Will Rebecca's Big Decision On 'This Is Us' Tear The Big Three Apart?

This Is Us is heading for its swan song, and sadly, that also means the end of Rebecca's life. While, in the present timeline, the Big Three don't know exactly how far into the future Rebecca's last moments will be, they already have to plan for it. In Season 6, episode 7's "Taboo," Rebecca tells her children Randall, Kevin, and Kate that, in the event that Miguel is no longer around to make her end of life decisions for her, she wants one of them to take over. That person, she says, is her only daughter Kate.

While this decision was seemingly accepted in the episode, I do worry that things might not be quite as simple as they seem right now. The reason? We've seen this situation play out before with the Pearson siblings, and it almost completely tore them apart.

Back in Season 4, Kevin and Randall strongly disagreed on how to best handle Rebecca's worsening memory loss. Randall wanted to send Rebecca to an experimental program in Washington, away from the family. Kevin, who knew his mom didn't want that, refused to go along with Randall's plan. Ultimately, Randall manipulated Rebecca into agreeing to go to the program, leading to a blow-out fight between Kevin and Randall that almost destroyed their relationship.

Will the situation really be that different, now that Rebecca's condition is growing more severe by the day? The Big Three all has a very different relationship with their mother, and it is difficult to believe that they would all agree to get on the exact same page as she inches closer to the end of her life. Randall lives in an entirely different city from his siblings — will he be okay with Kate making decisions that keep Rebecca locked in Los Angeles? Will Kevin be fine if Kate says that Rebecca can't do something special with his twins, because it's a risk to Rebecca's health?

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Of course, this situation can only really occur if Miguel is no longer around by the time Rebecca needs these choices made for her. Given the fact that he's not in the cabin flash forward, that's quite the possibility — and it's worth pointing out that neither is Kate. Let's say that everyone gets onboard with Kate being Rebecca's caregiver — what happens if Kate suddenly isn't around either, and now Randall and Kevin have to fight it out in order to decide what's best for their mom?

Rebecca said she didn't make the decision between her children lightly, and it's probably because she knew that there could be plenty of drama to come from it. Whether it will bring the Pearsons closer, or pull them apart, remains to be seen.

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