The 'This Is Us' Ending May Have Been Foreshadowed Earlier This Season

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The 'This Is Us' Ending May Have Been Foreshadowed Earlier This Season

There is so much to unravel before This Is Us bows out at the end of Season 6, from who Kevin is dating in the future to what implodes Kate and Toby's marriage. (You know, other than a smoker.) Creator Dan Fogelman promised in his interview with Entertainment Weekly that there will be "no stone left unturned" when it comes to the show's many mysteries, but that fans can expect a "very beautiful and simple" finale. While we're still plenty of episodes away from that elegant ending, one fan on Reddit is convinced that they already know exactly how This Is Us is going to bow out — with one final memory.

According to Redditor Yeontif, it's a line from earlier in the season that may be major foreshadowing to the show's last moment. When Rebecca, Nicky, and Miguel go to visit Nicky's lost love Sally, Rebecca remarks that she often considers what her "very last memory will be before the candle goes out." The Redditor thinks that this is a clue to what the show is building towards, explaining, "Rebecca mentions that sometimes she wonders what her last memory would be, and I think that that will be what the last episode is about... her last memory, or maybe the last scene of the show would be the last memory."

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The show is already moving towards Rebecca's final moments of life, as that appears to be why the family has gathered together at Kevin's cabin about a decade into the present timeline's future. Rebecca is sick in bed, while the rest of the family — including Toby, who we know is no longer married to Kate — comes together. Beth even brings the Pin the Tail on the Donkey game, which was part of Rebecca's happy memories of the Big Three and her late husband Jack's birthday parties.

This may mean that the final episode of This Is Us is all about giving Rebecca that final happy memory. The Big Three and all the other family who have come onboard since recreate some of Rebecca's most cherished memories — like those birthday parties — in order to show Rebecca something beautiful before she passes away.

In fact, there's a possibility that the Big Three really are celebrating their birthday at the cabin, one final time — which might tie in nicely with how Rebecca referred to her final memory as being what she thinks of before the "candles go out." Candles, as in birthday candles?! You know This Is Us loves its poetic moments.

Of course, this might all be a little too easy. Justin Hartley previously told Entertainment Weekly that the ending would be "unpredictable," which, well, this isn't. However, he did tease that the ending would be emotionally satisfying — which matriarch Rebecca's final turn certainly could be.

"The way that the story has been told to me and the way that it ends seems like the right way to 'end' it," he told the outlet. "Just like life, everything does end, doesn't it? I think it's full. You're going to have a full heart, just because by that time you will have watched these people and all of their journeys for such a long time. When you invest that much as an audience member, you'll fill up completely, but in satisfying way."

One thing that is certain: Bring the tissues.

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