Kevin & Madison Are Endgame On 'This Is Us', Fight Me

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Kevin & Madison Are Endgame On 'This Is Us', Fight Me

Sorry Sophie stans, but the Season 6 premiere of This Is Us has convinced me Kevin and Madison are endgame. In the wake of Madison "jilting" the oldest member of the Big Three at the altar (his words, not mine), the former couple have become co-parents with relatively few hiccups. In fact, at the start of the episode, Kev is living in his ex's garage so he can remain close to the twins.

Of course this arrangement quickly proves to be unsustainable. While Kev is happy settling into what is by all accounts a happy relationship minus the sex — they share shows, ya'll, they're basically a married couple — Madison is doing her best to set boundaries. That means not going to Pearson family events and flirting with her fantasy-loving book club friend, as is her right.

By all accounts, Madison is moving forward in the wake of realizing Kevin wasn't in love with her, but Kev? Well, he seems more enamored with his sister's best friend than ever before. In the short term that means he's moving out of the garage and into Kate's spare room to give Madison the space she needs to live her life, but his desire to be with his family is strong. And make no mistake, Madison and the twins are his family.

Kevin has been in a lot of relationships since the show began. There's Sophie, the proverbial one who got away. Then there's Zoe, who could have been his perfect match had they not been on different pages about wanting kids. There was Cassidy, who came into his life at just the right time, but who already had a family of her own. And then there was Madison.

Madison who has been there right from the start. Madison who has been an honorary Pearson since she and Kate became best friends. Madison who he asked Randall not to let him sleep with at Kate's wedding to Toby. Madison who called him out when he was a jerk at the hospital when baby Jack was born early. And finally, Madison who is the mother of their twins.

For both Madison and Kevin, her pregnancy came as a surprise. As a result, they didn't have a chance to fall in love with each other. The pregnancy brought them closer, but they spent the entirety of Season 5 preparing to become parents. The truth is, these two haven't had an opportunity to properly date or try being a couple until now, and while Madison is understandably trying to keep them focused on the kids, it's pretty clear Kev wants something more.

This Is Us executive producer Ken Olin previously told The Dipp to expect Kevin to react badly to Madison dating someone new. "She's also independent and she's grown, I think that's clear in terms of the way she dealt with this wedding, that she has real depth and a maturity that we hadn't seen from her. I mean, she's that much more appealing. And especially if she's this object of desire for him that's unavailable... I think it could be interesting, like, wait a minute, is Madison actually going out with someone else? I think that's interesting because we've certainly seen from Kevin that he responds to [what he can't have]."

As Olin promised, Kevin is deeply bothered by seeing Madison with someone else, because they've formed a strong bond over the last few months. They're not just co-parenting, they're watching shows together and telling each other how their day has been. They're getting to know one another, and it's pretty clear that Kev is enamored with the mother of his children.

While having him wind his way back to Sophie would be poetic in a way, having him end up with Madison would be messy and imperfect, just like Kevin. These two weren't meant to be in the way that say Rebecca and Jack were. They weren't fated, but they've been in each other's orbit for a while now and they really are good for each other.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Justin Hartley revealed Kevin is going to learn how to be alone without being lonely in Season 6. That journey will ultimately make him more open to love when it does come along, and at this late stage of the game, there's really no time to introduce someone entirely new so it stands to reason he'll find love with one of his exes.

Ultimately, Madison and Kev didn't work out because she knew he wasn't in love with her. But what if he spends this season slowly realizing he does love her and then coming up with the perfect grand gesture to prove it? After all, Hartley did tell EW that viewers are going to see "how romantic" Kevin is as he pulls off a whole "new level" of wooing this season. And who better for him to woo than Madison, the mother of his twins and the wonderfully imperfect person who accepts him for the damaged goofball that he really is?

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