Do You Know What Justin Hartley Is Teasing In This New 'This Is Us' Interview?

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Do You Know What Justin Hartley Is Teasing In This New 'This Is Us' Interview?

After waiting nearly a month for a new episode of This Is Us, the NBC drama is set to return on Tuesday, February 9 to fill in the gaps on Kevin's car accident cliffhanger. Ahead of the episode, "There," Justin Hartley spoke with Entertainment Weekly and made sure to drop some endgame tidbits for This Is Us fans to grasp onto. And grasp they will...

"It's very unpredictable," Hartley said of the series' ending. "The way that the story has been told to me and the way that it ends seems like the right way to 'end' it. Just like life, everything does end, doesn't it? I think it's full. You're going to have a full heart, just because by that time you will have watched these people and all of their journeys for such a long time."

Uh, OK. Yeah — I know exactly what he's teasing with that. Let me just take another look at the interview to see what else he may give away...

"When you invest that much as an audience member, you'll fill up completely, but in a satisfying way… It's definitely an emotional journey, and we have a lot of laughs to be told in it. I mean, there's funny stuff coming up as well."

Get this man on a political podium because these answers say everything and also nothing at all. "You'll fill up completely"? "You're going to have a full heart"? "It's definitely an emotional journey"? Sir, if I was a betting woman, I'd have my entire life savings on "emotional journey" at the This Is Us roulette table — you don't have to tell me that!

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But you can't blame the man for keeping mum. It's something all of the This Is Us cast members do to keep the mystery alive. In fact, they've gotten very good at it:

  • Milo Ventimiglia described the ending as "magical and hopeful" last October, playfully warning Entertainment Weekly that no spoilers would be spilling from his lips.
  • Sterling K. Brown told to Good Housekeeping that, "I want people to watch our show and hopefully be like 'I wish the Pearsons could've stayed around longer.' I want us to be like Barry Sanders, one of the greatest running backs in the NFL, and he only played for nine seasons and then he retired. People are like, 'Why is Barry Sanders retiring? He's still great!' You want to leave them wanting more."
  • Mandy Moore shared with Entertainment Weekly that in "typical This Is Us fashion, there are going to be things that are shocking, and some surprises that aren't as much of a surprise to people."
  • Executive Producer Ken Olin told The Dipp that there will "definitely be a reaction" when viewers find out the story between Kate and Toby in those flash-forward scenes.
  • Chris Sullivan teased to Entertainment Weekly that fans should "double down" as far as where we find Toby in the episodes to come.

We've got some of our own theories over here at The Dipp as well as unanswered questions we need explained before the end of Season 6. But in the meantime, I'll just keep coming back on Tuesday nights to watch the tapestry of the Pearsons unfold... and prepare to be filled.


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