7 'This Is Us' Questions That Need To Be Answered By The End Of The Series

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7 'This Is Us' Questions That Need To Be Answered By The End Of The Series

This Is Us loves a twist. And a turn. And a flashback. And they'll all make you question everything. But one thing is clear: This Is Us is ending with Season 6, come hell of high water, according to creator and showrunner Dan Fogelman.

While the show has currently been on hiatus the last few weeks, the fifth season is hurtling towards its seventh episode set to air on February 9, 2021. This season, along with the final season, will each have 18 episodes total. But as COVID has slowed down the rate at which we're even getting the new episodes for Season 5, it has left me wondering how we're going to get to everything there still is left to get to. And there's a LOT of everything!

Like Rebecca and Miguel's relationship, or Madison's fate, or Kate's adoption. Or Nicky — what is going to happen with Uncle Nicky!

Let's investigate some of the loose ends that still need to be tied up in the remainder of Season 5 and into Season 6.

Rebecca & Miguel

It's been a glacial burn for Rebecca and Miguel's romance. Even though Jack and Rebecca are the de facto love story that started it all on This Is Us, Miguel came through not only as a friend after Jack passed away, but also a romantic shoulder to cry on for Rebecca. (Even if it took some time for the Big Three to come around to the idea.)

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