Is Sophie Coming Back Into Kevin's Life? Here Are The 'This Is Us' Clues

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Is Sophie Coming Back Into Kevin's Life? Here Are The 'This Is Us' Clues

The future love of Kevin's life is one of the great mysteries on This Is Us, and one major contender is someone that Kev has already loved and lost — his ex-wife, Sophie.

In Season 6 episode "Our Little Island Girl: Part 2," we finally learned what happened between Sophie and Kevin that ended their marriage, something that was only hinted at earlier in the series. As a newlywed, Kevin cheated on Sophie with a woman from his acting class, mostly out of loneliness from living by himself in Los Angeles. Sophie left him after finding out the truth, and while that wasn't the end of their romance — the two reconnected later on in This Is Us — it probably was the mortal wound of their relationship. isn't? This Is Us has been dropping a few clues that suggest Sophie and Kevin may not be done. Here are some reasons why it's possible that Sophie pops up again — and maybe even is the past and future love of his life.

Kate Reconnected With Sophie

Kate's arc in "Our Little Island Girl" is about just how far she will go to protect her brother. In the case of the fateful Thanksgiving in which Kevin tells Sophie he cheated on her, Kate ultimately chooses her brother's side over her best friend. However, in present day, a reminiscing Kate Instagram DMs Sophie to apologize for that, making a cute Thelma & Louise reference in the process. Sophie seemingly forgives Kate, telling her that she understands — Kevin is her brother. While the moment may be all about Kate absolving herself of guilt, what if it's more than that? We know that Kate and Sophie were very close, once upon a time, so it's possible that bonding with Sophie may mean she comes back into Kevin's orbit by proxy — Kevin is living at Kate's house, after all.

It May Not Happen For Kevin and Madison

If I had to guess a frontrunner for Kevin's future partner, it would be Madison — they have two kids together, and it seems like Kevin is still totally smitten with his former fiancee. Yet Madison's current boyfriend Elijah is also putting up a really good fight. He told Kevin not to bother biding his time until he breaks up with Madison — he's in it for the long haul. Can a lot happen in the years between Kevin and Elijah's conversation, and Kate's future wedding to Phillip? Totally. But it's worth pointing out that Kevin would really look like the bad guy for messing up Madison's first chance at true love!

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Sophie's Still Around

Perhaps the biggest hint that Kevin and Sophie may possibly end up together is the fact that despite all their ups and downs, the show continuously talks about her. When Kevin's engagement to Madison is announced in the tabloids, Sophie is one of the girlfriends who we see read the paper and smile. It's almost like it's a clue that she's still in the running for his potential future love interest. That, coupled with the fact that she routinely pops up in flashbacks, seems to be a sign that the show wants us to remember Sophie is a thing. Is it because that's who Kevin will be with?

The Cassidy Conversation May Have Offered A Clue

Kevin's attempt to rekindle a romance with Cassidy was shut down by her reminding him that he was chasing the "wrong blonde in the wrong city." While most of us assumed that meant Madison, Kevin didn't automatically go there. He didn't know which blonde, in which city, Cassidy was referring to — which may mean he still is thinking about Sophie, his blonde ex in New York. Hmm.

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