The 'This Is Us' Moment That Proves Kevin Loves Madison

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The 'This Is Us' Moment That Proves Kevin Loves Madison

Sorry to everyone rooting for Cassidy and Kevin to ride off into the sunset together on this week's episode of This Is Us: Kevin is totally in love with Madison, even if he won't admit it.

Season 6, episode 5 of This Is Us, titled "Heart and Soul," reunited Kevin and Cassidy, who he met back in Bradford, Pennsylvania when he was first getting to know his Uncle Nicky. Kevin called the former soldier specifically to ask if she would spend the weekend with him, Nicky, and Nicky's new girlfriend Edie. Kevin assures Cassidy that he call her so that they could hook up, but, well — if it happens, it happens, right? Cassidy, fortunately for Kevin, is also game to see where things go.

Yet while Kevin and Cassidy still have the spark they've always had (they did sleep together previously, after all) it doesn't look like Cassidy has returned to This Is Us to be the future stepmom to Kevin's kids, or even his date to Kate's wedding, as many fans suspected. When Kevin goes to grab Cassidy's hand after an ice cream outing, she immediately pulls away. Kevin doesn't get it: Don't they have a connection? Aren't they both two broken people who found each other unexpectedly?

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In Kevin's romantic comedy brain, this means they're perfect together — but Cassidy points out that the way she is broken is quite different from the way Kevin is. (Cassidy is, after all, suffering from PTSD from her time in the war.)

"You are chasing the wrong blonde in the wrong city," Cassidy says after explaining why she and Kevin are an impractical match. "If you want that rom com love story, you should go make things right with her."

Kevin, God bless him, isn't even sure what blonde she's referring to — it could be Sophie, his ex-wife, or Madison, the mother of his children. Yet Cassidy makes it clear — it's Madison that Kevin still has a potential shot with, even if Kevin is a "big handsome wrecking ball" in many women's lives.

"You married one, and then cheated, and then nearly married her again," Cassidy explains. "The current one you couldn't say 'I love you,' but now you're obsessed with hating the new boyfriend. If you aren't careful, you'll blow that one up, too."

Kevin doesn't admit that he's still hoping for a happier ending with Madison — but he does call Madison's new boyfriend, who, sadly for Kevin, seems like a great guy. He tells him to always get Madison a snack instead of asking if she wants one, as she's battled eating disorders and won't always admit that she's hungry. It's a nice moment — but also a very telling one. By Kevin helping out Madison's new boyfriend, he's pushing away his romantic comedy ending — but also proving that his love of Madison is deeper than his shallow notions of how love should be. It's not the Jerry Maguire ending he grew up believing was true love — it's something deeper than that.

Of course, this puts Kevin in a tricky position. If he really does love Madison (and I am confident that he does, solely based on his desire to see her happy and well taken care of in a new relationship) what is going to happen when Kevin can't hide his true feelings, and she's thriving in her new romance? Will Madison be able to reciprocate Kevin's feelings, or has that ship already sailed for her?

Maybe — or maybe not. Right now, Kevin's list of potential future loves is dwindling, as it seems Cassidy can confidently be crossed off that list. Whether Kevin will get Madison back remains to be seen — but I'm taking "Heart and Soul" as confirmation that he's already in love.

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