Kate's Wedding On 'This Is Us' Is The One Thing I Didn't See Coming

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Kate's Wedding On 'This Is Us' Is The One Thing I Didn't See Coming

I have not audibly gasped while watching This Is Us since the Crockpot started to smoke all the way back in the beginning of the show. But the Season 5 finale flash forward did it for me: Kate is getting married to her boss, Peter, and Toby is nowhere to be seen. And that's just the beginning of it.

While fans have known that Kate and Toby aren't married anymore in the big flash forward given Toby's lack of wedding ring and actor Chris Sullivan's own speculation about where their story was headed, it was still shocking to see Kate shimmy around that hotel room in her wedding dress. Even more shocking was the big reveal that the groom was her surly boss, Peter, from the school she's been working at.

I know, it's a lot. Let's break down the who, what, where, when, why, and how of the whole situation.

Who... Is Accounted For?

This wedding already seems more joyful and less tense than Kevin and Madison's broken alter situation. Here's who we know is on the guest list, aside from the bride and groom:

  • Kevin is definitely there, along with a mysterious woman who has left her toiletries strewn around the bathroom.
  • Madison is also there, as a bridesmaid, and given her interaction with Kevin, it seems like they have found a way to successfully co-parent and be friendly with each other. Unless they rekindled an actual romance in the time between their wedding and now? She did say she told him "12 times this morning" that no boys were allowed in the bride's dressing room. That means they've spent some quality time together.
  • Beth is also a bridesmaid, and Randall is running around the hotel, too. There was also a copy of a New Yorker magazine with a feature on him in calling him a "rising star." Is he running for president or something? You can't put it past him.
  • Uncle Nicky is also there, running to bring his WIFE some stockings. This might be the most shocking of all, considering the man is a recluse and frankly, just awkward. So who do we think this lucky woman is?

Other than that, we have no idea who else is downstairs waiting for Kate to walk down the aisle. Rebecca, Miguel (who is also not in the big flash forward), and all the kids are still unaccounted for.

What... Is Happening

I'll make this one quick. It's a wedding that's happening. Between Kate and Peter.

Where... Are They?

This is a little less important, as it just seems like they are at some hotel. But are they in California? Or closer to Kevin's Adirondack cabin, which he has presumably already built. Did you notice that Kevin is reading his Princess Bride toast notes on a pad of paper that says "Big Three Homes?" Given his qualms about his acting career episodes back, it sure looks like Kevin has taken building his father's home to a new level and started his own construction/development company.

Just another note: did you hear Miguel reiterate that he and Jack used to work at a construction company when he and Nicky were fighting over the alter? It wouldn't be surprising if that was a little Easter egg about who goes into business with Kevin. Maybe Miguel isn't as MIA as people seem to think.

When... Is This Taking Place?

Kevin makes a comment about being 45 during the flash forward, and we know the Big Three were born in 1980, so that would put us squarely around 2025.

We've previously estimated that the big flash forward at the cabin takes place sometime around 2031, which means that Rebecca is likely still alive for Kate's wedding. It also means that the mystery passengers in the white van in that timeline could be Kate and Peter, along with her Toby's kids, which might be awkward for her ex, who had reluctantly gotten out of bed to head to the cabin, too.

Why... Did Kate & Toby Break Up?

At the end of "Adirondacks," Kate and Toby were determined to make things work in their marriage, with Toby taking a job that would have him in San Francisco a couple days a week and Kate remaining in Los Angeles with the kids and working at the school. That's a tough situation for any relationship to take on, so it makes sense that they may have crumbled under the pressure of trying to make things work. Unless...

How... Did Kate End Up With Peter?

Kate and Peter have had a tense working relationship and frankly, it really seemed like he would have been happy to let her leave the school on her own volition. So when he declined her resignation, it was surprising... but not as surprising as seeing him as her future groom. Did the distance between Toby and Kate cause them to split up? And did Kate and Peter grow closer during that period of time? Are Kate and Toby still on good terms? All questions for the final season to answer...

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