Are Cassidy & Kevin Married In The Future On 'This Is Us'?

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Are Cassidy & Kevin Married In The Future On 'This Is Us'?

This Is Us isn't making it easy to guess who Kevin's future wife will be — at least, not since Madison called off their wedding at the end of Season 5. Now, the third episode of Season 6 just dropped a big clue as to who Kevin might marry down the road... but is it a true hint to the Pearson sibling's future wife, or is just another misdirect?

The new episode of This Is Us shows Kevin struggling to co-parent his twins with Madison, the woman who essentially left him at the altar just months ago when she realized he was more in love with the idea of their family than with her as a person. Kevin doesn't want to miss any milestones — like their kids walking for the first time — but, as Madison points out, she and Kevin aren't together anymore, which means that one of them will inevitably miss some moments.

While it seems like maybe Kevin isn't thrilled with the two of them not being together (was that jealousy in Kevin's eyes when he saw Madison getting closer to her book club buddy Elijah?) at the end of the episode, Kevin finds someone else to lean on about his parenting woes. That person is Cassidy, who he bonded with — and slept with — after moving temporarily to Pennsylvania to get closer to his uncle Nicky.

We haven't seen much of Cassidy, but we did get a glimpse of her at the end of Season 5, when she learned that Kevin was marrying Madison. She wasn't the only ex who appeared — so did Sophie, his ex-wife, and Zoe, his former girlfriend and Beth's cousin — but regardless, Cassidy's presence then and now means she isn't exactly out of the running for reconnecting with Kevin. We know in the flash forward that Kevin is married to someone, and that the person doesn't necessarily have to be Madison, even though she's the mother of his twins. Madison might still be in the picture — she's Kate's best friend, and it seems like she and Kevin are in a heathy place — but the show has already told us that she's not the love of Kevin's life.

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Of course, Cassidy's presence in Season 6 might not mean what we think it means. When we first met Cassidy, she hoped to get back together with her ex-husband, who she disconnected from after returning from war with PTSD. That didn't happen as far as we know, but who knows what occurred in the time Kevin left Pennsylvania — perhaps Cassidy and her ex did work things out, and she'll tell Kevin as much in a future conversation. If that's the case, Cassidy's presence in Kevin's life might be to encourage Kevin to work things out with one of his exes...especially Madison, since, like Cassidy and her former husband, the two are co-parents.

Or maybe this is exactly what it seems like, and Cassidy is Kevin's great love. Jennifer Morrison, who portrays the character, is a pretty big TV star for someone who thus far has only appeared in a handful of episodes. You know how You're the Worst star Chris Greere, who only popped up occasionally as Kate's boss Phillip, was revealed to be Kate's future husband? We could be in for a very similar situation here.

Of course, we're still very early into the final season of This Is Us — and if there's one thing we know about this show, it's that the twists never fail to surprise us.

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