Analyzing The 'This Is Us' Season 5 Finale Flash Forward For Season 6 Clues

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Analyzing The 'This Is Us' Season 5 Finale Flash Forward For Season 6 Clues

Despite the entirety of Season 5 promising fans a wedding between Kevin and Madison, the mother of Kevin's children ultimately couldn't pull the trigger — she wanted someone who loved her for her, and not just for the family they were building. Yet while Kevin didn't ultimately walk down the aisle, the This Is Us Season 5 finale flash forward teased that his sister Kate was getting ready to wed someone for the second time. A guy who was definitely not her husband in the present timeline and father of her two children, Toby. Eep!

While the wedding reveal certainly left jaws on the ground, there are so many little clues about the Big Three's future that This Is Us dropped. As we impatiently await the show's season six premiere, here are all the things we noticed about the trio's fate.

Big Three Homes Is A Reality

Patriarch Jack Pearson always wanted to open his own construction company, and call it Big Three Homes after his nickname for his kids. Sadly, he died before that dream could be realized — but in the flash forward, a note pad Kevin reads his wedding speech off of features the logo. (Fun fact: Milo Ventimiglia gifted the This Is Us cast and crew hats with the same name and logo, and got mad about people selling knock off versions online.)

We know that Rebecca asked Kevin to build the house Jack planned to on the same grounds as their current family cabin, and it's possible that it was such a success the gang decided to go into construction. Look, if Kevin Jonas can go into construction, so can Kevin Pearson.

Kevin's Sharing A Hotel Room With A Lady

Kevin's hotel room features a dress and bra draped over a chair, plus a makeup bag and a slew of products in the bathroom. Kevin's probably not bunking with Kate on her wedding day, so it's safe to say that he's likely dating someone, or possibly even married.

Randall Is A "Rising Star"

A piece in the New Yorker highlights Randall as a "rising star," but in what field? Politics is most likely — could he run for a higher office than city council down the line? Could season six of This Is Us end with him in the White House, or at least state senate? Hmm...

Madison Is Still Around

Maybe it's just my Kadison shipping heart hoping for the best, but Madison and Kevin look extra friendly in the flash forward. Yes, Madison is the mother of Kevin's kids and his sister's BFF, but I sensed flirting. There's no reason to believe Kevin and Madison don't get back together. In fact, Kevin may have even dropped a clue earlier in the episode, when he told her that what they had would eventually grow.

Uncle Nicky Is Married

Uncle Nicky is the unsung hero of This Is Us, and the fact that he ran out to pick up stockings for his wife in the flash forward warms my heart. Perhaps his new lady will teach him how to properly make a phone call.

Toby and Kate Are Over

As someone who has always been pretty lukewarm about Toby and Kate's marriage, they really won me over in the Season 5 finale with Kate recalling the vows she took four years prior as they decided to give a long distance marriage a try. Alas, it looks like their marriage simply didn't work out, which fans learned when they saw Kate emerge from the bathroom wearing the second wedding dress we've seen her sport. For anyone wondering if perhaps the marriage ended with Toby's death, we already know he's very much alive because he appeared in the cabin 2.0. scene with the rest of the Pearson clan. (Kate did not, which, err, is suspicious.)

Kate's Marrying Someone Else

Will Chris Geere always be Jimmy from You're the Worst to me? Yes, and it certainly doesn't help that he was thrown into yet another wedding flash forward! In the universe, however, Geere is Peter, the teacher who Kate works besides at Jack's school...and, apparently, her second husband. Is it possible that Kate leaves Peter at the altar and runs back into Toby's arms? Err, possibly, but Koby shippers may have to accept that we're now on a timeline headed for a Keter endgame situation.

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