Are James & Daniel Friends After 'The Circle'?

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Are James & Daniel Friends After 'The Circle'?

Never has a moment from The Circle been more baffling than when James allowed Nick to talk him into kicking Daniel out over Ashley. Yes, James had a touching conversation with Ashley about his trans brother, but he also knew the catfish was firmly on Team Nick. With that in mind, no one could blame Daniel if he blocked James in real life after that whole shock "et tu, Brute?" debacle. However, James and Daniel's Circle reunion moment ended up being the opposite of contentious.

Unlike Season 2 players Savannah and Terilisha, who were still cold as ice with each other during their finale reunion last season, James and Daniel made up the minute James walked into the room. The scene was... well, you might call me hyperbolic for saying it was life-affirming, but look, my life was affirmed, okay? James ran straight to Daniel, scooped him up like a baby, and then said how sorry he was while rocking the screaming 20-year-old.

It was a lovely, genuine moment that left me hoping these two are still tight post-The Circle. Especially since it finally came out that the only reason why James gave in and let Nick have his way was because the calculating leader of The Band had convinced him Daniel had alliances with everyone. And you better believe Daniel served up a next level look at Nick after that bombshell was dropped at the finale.

On the upside, now that the tea has been spilled about how that particular decision came about, the path has been cleared for Daniel and James to have a beautiful friendship. Post-finale, they're both following each other on Instagram and their comments on each other's posts are a total lovefest. On the day the finale dropped on Netflix, Daniel made a lovely post about chasing your dreams no matter what, and you better believe James popped up in the comments section to sing his pal's praises — and make good on his offer to take him out for a night of debauchery whenever Daniel is ready.

"Daniel when you ready to do all those things you haven’t done, hmu lol jk I love you man!!" James wrote. "So happy we got to meet and you definitely will be a homie for life!!"

Meanwhile, Daniel is still coming in hot with the jokes over on James' IG, where he commented on a clip of James dissing his shirt, "Going to get your comment about me tattooed on my ass." They may not be Kai and Ruksana-level besties, but it's nice to know there are no hard feelings between these two, despite James' head-scratching decision to let one of his closest allies go.

And even though it would have been amazing to see Daniel make it to the end, his early exit was almost worth it for the unforgettable moment when James literally rocked him like a baby.

Circle, add that iconic screenshot to the Season 3 yearbook, STAT.


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