Are Calvin & Kai Dating After 'The Circle'?

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Are Calvin & Kai Dating After 'The Circle'?

Raise your hand if you're hoping a real love connection was made between Calvin and Kai in The Circle. Early on in the game, sparks flew between the two popular players, and since neither one of them is a catfish, it felt like the mood was set for a little Circle romance to play out. Well, at least it did until catfish influencers Ashley and Isabella kicked Calvin out of The Circle for good.

Reader, my heart was broken. And it only broke more when Calvin chose to visit Kai and offer some sage advice about the alliances neither one of them noticed was forming behind their backs. Of course, it was hard for them to pay attention to alliances when their private chats were getting were so steamy. Come on, in the world of The Circle their late night chat and picture swap was basically the real world equivalent of a third date.

Tellingly, Kai and Calvin's chemistry was still very much alive when they met in person. Calvin even managed to slip in a casual question about whether or not they could meet up after the season ends before he left Kai's apartment. Both of them seemed keen on the idea, but did Kai and Calvin ever actually have that date? Let's investigate.

Kai & Calvin Are Definitely Following Each Other On Instagram

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OK, so the good news is Kai and Calvin are following each other on Instagram, and the even better news is they're loving teasing the fans with hints about their Circle connection. Since the premiere, they've both been leaving lots of flirty comments on each other's posts.

Calvin recently posted a shirtless thirst trap photo, which prompted Kai to reply, "Sheeeeshh!!" followed by three fire emojis and a drooling emoji. Meanwhile, Calvin popped into Kai's comment section to tell her to "keep shining tho" when she opened up about chasing her dreams. And in between their emoji game was been on point. While neither one has confirmed they're dating, at the very least, they're definitely friends who don't mind getting their flirt on — see exhibit A for proof.

They're Definitely Dodging The Dating Questions

Fans are feeling the Kai and Calvin love on social media, and asking questions accordingly. Since Kai is still in the game, it makes sense that they're both being secretive about whether or not they actually went on that date (or, you know, multiple dates). During a recent chat with his fans on his Instagram Stories, Calvin artfully dodged the question by telling everyone to "tune into our season."

Does that mean fans might get an answer during the traditional end of season reunion? Quite possibly. For now, Kai and Calvin shippers are just going to have to take heart in the fact that these two are still being flirty AF with one another. And hey, if they didn't manage to actually go on a date yet, Netflix could always do us all a solid and cast them both in the next season of Too Hot to Handle. Hey, Circle? Open up a private chat with Netflix, please, I need to make some magic happen.


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Images: Netflix; Calvin Crooks/Instagram Story

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