9 Times Nick Was An Evil Mastermind On 'The Circle' Season 3

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9 Times Nick Was An Evil Mastermind On 'The Circle' Season 3

I'm just going to admit it: I underestimated Nick. For much of Season 3, I was convinced he was little more than a puppet being artfully played by catfish Isabella and Ashley. But I was wrong, Nick is nothing short of an evil mastermind, who may have engineered the perfect game on The Circle.

Now, Nick hasn't won the $100k grand prize just yet, but in the final batch of episodes before the finale, he made all the right plays to ensure he'll come out on top. Whether he wins or loses, no one can claim he didn't pull off some impressive strategic moves along the way. From posing as a drummer to give himself an accessible frat bro vibe to Jedi mind-tricking poor James into sacrificing members of his own alliance in two separate blockings, Nick hasn't been shy about playing the game.

As the season winded down, many of the players regretted some of their more savage moves. For instance, both Ashley and Isabella reached out to Kai to apologize for going after her so hard throughout the game instead of trying to actually get to know her. Nick reached out as well, but his goal was to keep Kai and James onside. While neither of them is likely to rank him first in the final ranking, his last minute alliance with the duo might be enough to keep them from putting him dead last.

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