When Was 'After The Final Rose' Filmed For Katie Thurston's Season? Timing Is Everything

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When Was 'After The Final Rose' Filmed For Katie Thurston's Season? Timing Is Everything

Usually, After The Final Rose is filmed live, after the finale. But not this time around. On Katie Thurston's Bachelorette season, After The Final Rose was filmed before the finale aired. Not only before the finale, but it was supposedly filmed before the penultimate finale, which featured the Greg Grippo fight.

Which means, that Katie filmed ATFR before watching her fight with Greg play out in front of Bachelor Nation; before any of fan reaction happened. Which means, even though they'll definitely talk about their fight that ultimately led Greg to leave, they won't talk about what we, the viewers, thought. And they won't be able to discuss how the fight was received or not received, since again, they supposedly filmed this before the fight aired.

The alleged film date of ATFR is all according to one spoiler, though. It's not 100% verifiable, but here's the math.

A Redditor shared a photo of Katie, Tayshia, and Kaitlyn from the ATFR set. (WARNING: The Reddit post I mentioned contains a spoiler. If you don't mind a spoiler, click here to see the ATFR picture.) Each is seen wearing the outfits they're wearing tonight.

Lemme show my work:

  • The photo was shared 17 days ago, which means that at the very latest...
  • ATFR was filmed on July 24th
  • July 24 is 17 days ago from today, August 9
  • The Greg/Katie fight episode didn't air until August 2
  • For reference, the finale was filmed in April

TVshowcase also claims that ATFR was filmed before the finale, for what that's worth.

The context of when ATFR was filmed helps viewers understand where Katie and Greg are coming from. Without knowledge of the division that their breakup caused in Bachelor Nation, their conversation might be just that much more honest. And plus, it explains why no one in the audience is booing or cheering, since they really don't know whether they're Team Greg or Team Katie.


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Editor's note: This article has been updated from its original version.

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