This Week's 'Bachelor' Drama Involved Garlic Butter Shrimp

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This Week's 'Bachelor' Drama Involved Garlic Butter Shrimp

There are some things you can predict on The Bachelor — cheesy proclamations of love, the villain somehow hanging on at the rose ceremony, tears, tears, and more tears — but then, sometimes, there are little moments that really do come out of nowhere. On Monday night's episode, one of those came in the form of a shrimp counter in the upper-right corner of the screen.

That's right, people. There was drama based involving a plate of cooked shrimp this week that necessitated a counter to let us all accurately know how many shrimp someone ate.

As shown on the previous episode, Shanae and Elizabeth are in a feud that is based around Shanae claiming that Elizabeth is somehow out to get her, and has included Shanae pushing Elizabeth during an obstacle course and making fun of Elizabeth's ADHD diagnosis. It doesn't make sense; it's been clear Shanae is far more out to get Elizabeth than the other way around.

Image: ABC

Anyway, this week, Elizabeth decides to make garlic butter shrimp for the women in the house. When she lets everyone know the shrimp are ready, Shanae — who has made Elizabeth her sworn enemy — goes to the kitchen, asking, "Where’s it at? Where’s the shrimp?"

Shanae, as the shrimp counter conveniently shows us, took eight shrimp, even though, as she noted herself, there were only about 15 there. "I took about eight shrimp, because I was fucking hungry," she says in a confessional. Other women who were hungry for shrimp show up to only find an empty plate.

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