Is Shanae One Of The Last "Good" 'Bachelor' Villains?

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Is Shanae One Of The Last "Good" 'Bachelor' Villains?

After only two episodes, Clayton Echard's season of The Bachelor has already had some quality contenders for the villain. But with Claire gone on night one and Cassidy's days numbered, it looks like Shanae will be the Bachelor villain left standing. As terrible as Shanae is (derailing the group date, appropriating Black culture, exposing Elizabeth's ADHD, etc.), there is one good thing to be said for her — Shanae may be one of the best Bachelor villains the franchise has had in a long time.

The Bachelor took a season off, so for that reason (and others), you might have blocked out that the last "villain" was Queen Victoria of Matt James's season. But Victoria as portrayed on The Bachelor was a caricature. Like many quality villains before her, she was outrageous, making for talked-about TV. But her brand of repetitive villainy was a bit stale and wasn't necessarily very entertaining. Plus, she never stood a chance at actually winning Matt's affections, which is a key component to being a Good Villain. Since, the more the lead likes the villain, the more power she gains.

Because people are complicated — and because it's reality TV — villainy on The Bachelor is rarely clear-cut with many women competing for the title. (For Matt's season, you could argue the real villain was Anna Redman or MJ Snyder.) Peter Weber's season was a prime example of this. Like a good Agatha Christie story trying to pretend a cannibal isn't starring in it, everyone was a suspect. It started with Hannah Ann Sluss drinking Kelsey Weier's champagne. But then there was Alayah Benevidez, Victoria Paul, Tammy Ly, and finally, Victoria Fuller... who was probably the real villain all along but was never given a villain cut as she made it to the final three.

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