Will Thomas Be On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? This Villain Is Made For Mexico

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Will Thomas Be On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? This Villain Is Made For Mexico

Thomas with his many unspecified red flags does not seem long for this Bachelorette world. With him promising to "confront Katie" in Week 4, he may very well be sent home in Week 4. But could Thomas be on Bachelor in Paradise? It's the ideal scenario for a Bachelorette villain who once dreamt of becoming the lead. Hand this man a glass of champagne and put him in a hot tub!

Thomas cursed himself when he uttered what many a member of Bachelor Nation have thought but never spoken of on-camera — that he's considered being Bachelor. Now, the tribe has spoken and he's been branded a villain by the other constants. This time (unlike with Karl), the men better back off and allow Katie to come to her own conclusion about whether Thomas is there for "the right reasons" or just to gain fame. But a guy with an edit like Thomas is bound to be eliminated pretty soon. And with no hopes of actually becoming the Bachelor, Thomas in Bachelor in Paradise is a perfect fit.

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Nick Viall thinks so too. On Us Weekly's Here for the Right Reasons podcast, Nick talked about how Thomas may be a bit "full of shit" on The Bachelorette, but he wants to see him on BiP. "I don't think Thomas is a bad guy. I'm sure he's a great guy. I hope he's on Paradise, I think he will really mix it up there," Nick said. And Nick should know.

Many a villain has gone on to be in Paradise — Nick himself, J.J. Lane, Chris Randone, Jordan Kimball, Chad Johnson. And sometimes, they've even rehabilitated their image (sorry, not talking about you, Chad). Spoilers ahead.

There has been some evidence that Thomas will be on Bachelor in Paradise. According to Bachelor Nation spoiler king Reality Steve, as of June 17, Thomas was filming BiP Season 7. And, by Week 2 of BiP, he had exchanged a rose or two with Tammy Ly of Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor. Tammy had her own "villainous" turn when she criticized Kelsey and was later sent home during a pre-cocktail party two-on-one date with Mykenna.

Villains teaming up with other villains can sometimes lead to BiP success — think Chris and Krystal Nielson (and then forget that they split less than eight months after their televised Mexico wedding). But at this point, it's hard to know if Thomas and Tammy exchanged roses to keep each other around or if they've truly found a connection. But by Reality Steve's account, it sounds looks like Thomas will make it to Paradise early on and stick around for at least a couple of weeks.

What will happen to Thomas during Paradise and after is a mystery... and he still needs to be cut from Katie's season. But what's clear is that Thomas's lead hopes are dashed... that is unless he pulls a Nick and uses Paradise as a platform to become the next Bachelor.


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