Who Will Be On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Let The Campaigns Begin...

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Who Will Be On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Let The Campaigns Begin...

What's a person to do after they've been kicked off our nation's most beloved reality dating show? Audition to appear on a spin-off, obviously. With Matt James' Bachelor season finally over (I can't stress the "finally" enough), Bachelor alums are officially campaigning for a spot on the beach. But who is going to be on Bachelor in Paradise this year? Well, if these not-so-subtle Instagrams have any part in it, we may have an idea.

Bachelor producers have repeatedly insisted that Bachelor in Paradise will happen in 2021, after the franchise was forced to skip last year due to COVID-19. And though we still have one full Bachelorette season to go before heading down to Mexico (or whatever tropical resort production chooses to quarantine at), rumors about the cast have already started. Nothing's official yet, but fan-favorites of the last two seasons of the franchise have been posting thirst traps like there's no tomorrow. And, sure, that might just be their way of angling to get that spon-con, but at a certain point, there's only one reason for so many bikini pics: they want a free ticket to paradise.

Chelsea Vaughn

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Chelsea, a definite standout from Matt's season, posted a beach shot with the caption, "Did someone say paradise?" on Monday, March 22. Super subtle. Also notable, Kit Keenan, also from Matt's season, commented, "On my way."

Lauren Maddox

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Chelsea has also been posting photos with Lauren, who was sent home early from Matt's season, but definitely seems to be ready to give love another chance.

Riley Christian

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Riley says in the caption that he's been "trying to take it to the next level lately." For why? Riley? Perhaps, Mexico?

Serena Chew

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Serena C. has been posting bathing suit pics for weeks, offering up regular reminders that she's more than qualified to break some hearts in Paradise. Serena was a bit of a pot-stirrer on Bachelor this season, and I could definitely see her killing it on BiP.

Victoria Larson

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The Queen Victoria Larson is a bit of a Paradise wildcard, as fans know she didn't have the best time on The Bachelor. But her new blonde hair and handful of sexy #boatlife posts are either a hell of a BiP audition or a big middle finger to anyone who dared make fun of the Queen during her time on Bach.

Brendan Morais

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A lot of fans were crushed when Brendan went home on The Bachelorette, but he might be getting a second chance at love soon. He shared this thirst trap back in January, and it's probably the best BiP audition reel I've ever seen.

Abigail Heringer

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Instead of bikini photos, Abigail shared a few beach pics a few weeks back with the caption, "My kind of paradise." WE GET IT.

Dr. Joe & Bennett

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Joe Park, the most eligible anesthesiologist out there, is definitely in the running for BiP. ABC Unscripted TV chief Robert Mills said as much in January, when he tweeted that Joe was "a vaccinated Paradisian!" So, things are looking good for him.

Joe also recently shared a video of him and Bennett Jordan recreating a scene from Titanic. It's not a thirst trap, but it does show that Joe and Bennett could make some goofy TV together. Are you watching, Bach producers?


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