Did Matt James Just Spoil His 'Bachelor' Season Via Spotify?

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Did Matt James Just Spoil His 'Bachelor' Season Via Spotify?

Gather 'round, children, for a lesson in online safety and the dangers of public social media accounts courtesy of The Bachelor. Just three weeks into his journey to find love, Matt James might have spoiled his Bachelor season. I know what you're thinking: surely, he accidentally post a coupled-up selfie to Instagram? Nope! It's 2021, and Matt may have spoiled his final rose recipient via... Spotify. Warning: Bachelor spoilers ahead.

On Jan. 17, just days before Week 3 of Matt's season, Bachelor fans noticed that Matt liked Rachael Kirkconnell's "Night Drive" Spotify playlist, and that, coupled with the rumors that Rachael definitely makes it into Matt's Top 4, is enough to convince fans that Rachael gets Matt's final rose. This wouldn't be the first time a social media slip up spoiled The Bachelor. In early December of 2020, Tayshia Adams accidentally flashed her engagement ring on her Instagram stories, letting fans know she found love after all. In 2015, then-Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe shared a video of herself in bed with her final rose winner, Shawn Booth, on Snapchat. She deleted the video, but screenshots are forever, and her season was spoiled all the same.

I know there's a HUGE gap between liking someone's Spotify playlist and Snapchatting in bed together, but looking more closely at this new tidbit, it definitely seems like there's still something going on between Rachael and Matt.

What Rachael's Playlist Tells Us About Her Bachelor Journey

Image: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Rachael's "Night Drive" playlist includes "Blinding Lights" by The Weeknd, "Slide Away" by Miley Cyrus, and "Your Man" by Joji. It's basically the soundtrack to Netflix's next hit rom-com, and is something she's been curating since February of 2019, meaning these aren't songs that hold sentimental value for her and Matt. However, zeroing in on the more recent songs added might give us more concrete evidence. According to Variety, The Bachelor filmed from September through November, so any songs Rachael added to her playlist post-November 2020 could pertain to Matt.

In December, Rachael added four songs: "D'vocean" by Eastghost, "Little Lies" by ODIE, "Tequila Shots" by Kid Cudi, and "TROJAN HORSE" by Sebastian Paul, which all reference themes of leaning on someone — romantically, platonically, or spiritually. "Trojan Horse," specifically, has some lyrics that sound like straight up Bachelor dialogue — "Stuck inside a thought / Dreaming 'bout our talks."

All in all, Matt's interaction with Rachael's Spotify playlist might be nothing. Maybe he just respects her taste in music, and the two of them have remained friends post-show. However, looking at Matt's Spotify profile, it doesn't really look like he's super active. He only follows three people (yes, one of those is Tyler Cameron), so the fact that he made an effort, not only to listen to her playlist, but to like it, feels meaningful?

Believe it or not, Matt's Bachelor winner isn't the only thing we can learn from his Spotify profile. In fact, here's a list of the most important things you'll learn from Matt's Spotify.

  • Matt James is a Justin Bieber fan: He has an entire playlist dedicated to the Biebs, with a lot of songs off Bieber's Journals album and two of the pop star's Christmas tracks — "Christmas Eve" and "Silent Night." The playlist is from 2013, but it canon now.
  • He really likes Chris Brown: Matt's got a few recent Chris Brown singles peppered throughout his "Quarantine" playlists. And he's got the entire Chris Brown album on his "Chicago Marathon" playlist. But, hey, nobody's perfect.
  • His favorite genre is R&B: Matt has a few playlists dedicated to R&B, but even those that aren't genre-specific have a lot of R&B and hip hop on them. He likes Tory Lanez, H.E.R., Lauryn Hill, Wiz Khalifa, and Teyana Taylor, to name a few.

Matt's musical tastes are pretty different from Rachael's — his playlists read like a night out, her's are more like a lost O.C. soundtrack. May they be proof that opposites can attract, and may this accidental spoiling remind you to always check your privacy settings before going on national television.


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