Elizabeth & Shanae's Fight On 'The Bachelor' Is Just Beginning

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Elizabeth & Shanae's Fight On 'The Bachelor' Is Just Beginning

There is naturally going to be some competition among the women on The Bachelor. They're all trying to date and fall in love with the lead man, and they're also on a reality TV show — it comes with the territory! However, there's a new competition brewing among two women on Clayton's season, Elizabeth and Shanae, who we need to talk about.

First of all, there's a clear "good guy" and "bad guy" in this situation. But we'll get into that after presenting the facts. Let's first look at who our players are:

Elizabeth: The amateur rapper who sat next to Clayton during Never Have I Ever.

Shanae: The Christmas-loving contestant who was very jealous of Elizabeth's time with Clayton. (Also, a friend of Cassidy.)

The Situation

After being mad that Clayton and Elizabeth had an opportunity to sit next to each other during the game with Ziwe, Shanae took out her anger in the physical form. And by that, I mean she literally shoved her during the obstacle course competition.

Despite the push, I think the true turning point was during the night portion of the group date when Shanae wasn't able to steal Clayton away before Elizabeth did. This leads Shanae's villain origin story, that goes a little something like this:

Shanae's Side

  • Elizabeth and her clicked as friends and then the next day Elizabeth wouldn't look at Shanae or talk to her at all
  • Elizabeth was ignoring Shanae by the pool during a conversation with Ency
  • Shanae told Clayton that Elizabeth isn't here for the right reasons

Elizabeth Side

  • She was completely blindsided by what Shanae said, especially since Shanae pushed her during the obstacle course
  • Elizabeth confides in Shanae that she has ADHD and really has to focus on one person speaking at a time in order to process the information, so most likely just didn't hear her during her conversation with Ency

Although they hugged it out and decided to drop it, it was then brought up again by Elizabeth with the group of women. She wasn't over their conversation, and Shanae tells everyone that Elizabeth told her she has ADHD.

Fast forward to the rose ceremony when Shanae pulls Elizabeth aside to try and squash it once and for all, and then ends up rambling in a nonsensical, judgmental way about AHDH, offending Elizabeth, who walks away from the situation. Shanae finds her in a room with the other ladies and even her bestie, Cassidy, is like, "I can't support you in this." We now have a woman on an island alone.

Are you still with me? To sum it up, Shanae thinks that Elizabeth was ignoring her and being two-faced with her and that Elizabeth saying she has "ADHD" was just an excuse. Elizabeth didn't purposefully ignore Shanae, and tried to explain why she may have not heard her during the conversation that happened at the pool, but was then pissed at her for bringing up her name with Clayton and continuously ripping on her mental health. We're all on Team Elizabeth right? Her only misstep was bringing up the drama after "squashing it." Unfortunately, something tells me we're just at the beginning of this drama.

Images: ABC

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