Shanae From 'The Bachelor' Has A Lot In Common With Clayton Echard

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Shanae From 'The Bachelor' Has A Lot In Common With Clayton Echard

When it comes to reality television, you need a big personality. Otherwise, in the case of The Bachelor, you'll probably go home night one. One contestant this season is humble enough to describe herself as someone with a "HUGE personality," and that would be The Bachelor's Shanae. Along with having a HUGE personality, Shanae also says she's "faithful, patient, and lovable." Perhaps to know her is to love her, but as far as something tells me some of the other contestants on the show may not agree.

Shanae gets into hot water on Monday night's Bachelor episode when she butts heads with some of the other women, so we decided to look into more information about the lovable HUGE personality and share with curious minds.

Here's what we know...

She's from Sycamore, Ohio

According to the 2019 census, Sycamore had a population of under 1,000, so Shanae's not kidding when she describes herself as a "small-town girl" in her Bachelor bio. Sycamore is so small, in fact, that its Wikipedia page takes about two minutes to read word for word. The tl;dr is that they have a lending library and a high school.

She works in recruiting

According to LinkedIn, Shanae is the director of recruiting at Based on their website, is a consulting firm, and she's been there for five years. However, her LinkedIn also says that she has past experience in administrative assistance and is a licensed cosmetologist.

She is active

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In addition to wakeboarding, you can also find Shanae snowboarding and boating on her Instagram. It's definitely a shared interest for her and Clayton, as he's quite the active man himself.

She loves Christmas

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So we should have seen this coming, as Shanae's Bachelor bio includes the fun fact that "Shanae loves Christmas so much that she keeps her tree up all year round," but like, she really loves Christmas. My only question is, is if she always has the tree up, can something "begin" to look like Christmas?

She's religious

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Clayton's faith is also important to him, so this is definitely something that would be crucial in building a foundation for a relationship.

She likes to dance

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Whether she becomes a villain or not, we can't help but stan a dancing queen.

Don't worry too much about the edit Shanae, you can also change your reputation on Paradise. Besides, villains gotta vil, right?

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