We Now Know Why Sarah Was Sobbing In That ‘Bachelor’ Promo

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We Now Know Why Sarah Was Sobbing In That ‘Bachelor’ Promo

The trailer for the rest of this season of The Bachelor features a lot of women crying, and now, we have the answer as to why one of them is sobbing. The preview heavily teases Clayton saying that he fell in love with three women and was "intimate" with two, which has to account for at least some of the crying, but it turns out that Sarah is crying in the preview for a completely different reason.

On the February 14 episode, the group heads to Hvar, Croatia, where Sarah gets notified of her second one-on-one date. This is upsetting to Mara, who has not had a one-on-one at all and who has decided that some of the other women aren't ready for marriage. Basically, the screen time void left by Shanae is filled by Mara going on about how Clayton is valuing the wrong women (aka not her).

During the group date, Mara tells Clayton that he is going after contestants who don't see themselves getting engaged at the end of the Journey. He asks how she knows this, and Mara says that she's heard some of them say it, but also some of them are just too young. Clayton asks when any of them said they weren't ready for a proposal, and Mara responds that early on someone(s) said they couldn't picture being engaged. This, by the way, is a reasonable reaction to the early days of a reality dating show. So, as I see it, Mara basically told Clayton that at least one person was doubtful of beating out 30 other women for a proposal from one man and that she personally thinks some of the contestants are too young for this show.

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Those things should not exactly be a serious warning. Production casting women in their early 20s and people being skeptical of the show isn't anything to write home about. But, it shakes up Clayton, and he deducts that Mara must be talking about 23-year-old Sarah, simply because she is the youngest contestant. Mara confirms that Sarah is one of the people she's talking about.

So, on their one-on-one — which, oddly, we don't see the daytime portion of — Clayton confronts Sarah for allegedly not being there for the right reasons. Sarah is shocked. She immediately starts crying and explaining that she does see herself getting engaged — even if that fact surprised her at first — and that she is really into Clayton and can't believe this is happening. When Clayton steps away to think about the situation, Sarah cries to a producer, which is the moment from the trailer. "Who the fuck said that?" she sobs. "It's a bitch-ass move. Why would you do that to me?"

Clayton returns eventually, and while he expresses that it wasn't his intention to make Sarah upset, I think that he should be apologizing profusely. He took Mara's shoddy evidence and just blurted it out to Sarah, leaving her unaware if their relationship was about to suddenly end. Of course that's going to be upsetting!

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Clayton ends up telling Sarah that he trusts her side of the story and gives her the rose. "We established trust early, and I had fears that giving you the second one-on-one was going to put a target on your back, and I think it may have done that." First of all, what trust? You thought Mara might be right about her. Second of all, yes, it did put a target and you acted on the jealousy spurred by the target, so apologize, dude!

In her confessional, Sarah is livid that someone tried to throw her under the bus, because they're jealous that she got a second one-on-one. She doesn't know who did it yet — or at least she doesn't say — but she's ready to take them down. "To be continued..." appears on screen.

So, that's the case of one crying woman solved and we've got about three more to go. And Clayton. We can't forget that something — or someone — gets him emotional in that trailer, too.

Image: ABC

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