On 'The Bachelor', Shanae Goes Out With A Whimper

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On 'The Bachelor', Shanae Goes Out With A Whimper

In the history of The Bachelor and Bachelorette, there have been villains who aren't really all that bad, but get a bad rap because they seem a little suspish (see: Thomas from Katie's season), and then there are villains who really go for it. Clayton's season brought us the latter. Shanae Ankney was there to villain, no confusion about it. She spoke in her confessionals about her secret plans, lied to Clayton's face, and put on a performance complete with fake tears that made her compare herself to Meryl Streep.

Because of the way Shanae excelled at villainy, we got a lot of her. Not only was she able to make it through rose ceremony after rose ceremony, but she also did things like work shrimp (of all things) into her storyline, which the producers couldn't resist. So, when it came time for Shanae to go on a two-on-one date with Genevieve, it seemed obvious that she was going home in explosive fashion. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

While Shanae did go home at the end, the date was completely lacking in drama. This was not entirely Shanae's fault. She continued to bring her brand of evil scheming for most of it. She told Clayton that Genevieve was an "actress", who wanted to self-eliminate the night before and was lying to him about her intentions. She even cried during their conversation and said excitedly in her confessional, "I was like, come on, Shanae, cry!”

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