Clayton Has Six 'Bachelor' Frontrunners & That's Going To Be A Problem

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Clayton Has Six 'Bachelor' Frontrunners & That's Going To Be A Problem

When the trailer for Clayton's Bachelor season first came out, it left us with two very memorable facts: He fell in love with three women and — for some reason — told two women that he was "intimate" with both of them. From there the trailer — and its expanded version which aired Monday night — goes into a montage of passionate crying and distress from multiple women and from Clayton. It's hard to know at this point what exactly is going on, but as the stage gets set for the drama to come, one aspect has become clear: Clayton's large amount of frontrunners is part of the problem.

Every Bachelor and Bachelorette season has frontrunners — I would say between two and three solid ones. It's usually easy to guess fairly early on who might make it to the final four or even the final two. On Clayton's season, that's not the case. At this point, I would say Clayton has six frontrunners, who all seem to be on equal footing: Gabby, Rachel, Sarah, Serene, Susie, and Teddi. As you can see, five out of six of them are the women he's already had one-on-one dates with and the last is Teddi, who received the first impression rose. At this rate, Clayton could add even more frontrunners. Whoever he goes on a one-on-one date with next just might join the list.

Image: ABC/John Medland
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