Witness Ryan Fox's Downfall In 11 Screenshots Or Less

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Witness Ryan Fox's Downfall In 11 Screenshots Or Less

Ah, Ryan Fox and his Bachlorette (sp) playbook. He's the man of the two hour premiere (Clayton who?) and after we saw Kaitlyn and Tayshia uncover Ryan's copious notes about how to come across as a likable, good guy, we got to see Michelle Young confront him about his little book of lies.

Listen, I'm not convinced that this is all real. Seems a little too convenient. Ryan Fox might be a plant, but then again, he might be for real. One thing for sure is, he really nailed his reaction to Michelle's confrontation. He acted incredulous! defensive! confused! angry! and ultimately, he conceded to leaving the show. No notes!

Here's a look at how Ryan's world came crashing down.

It started out fine. A bit incredulous:

Then, the face drop when Michelle calls him out:

A little stunned that someone read his plAybOok:

This look says, "But you see, Michelle, what you don't understand is":

Here comes the excuse:

Well, at least we can rest assured that Ryan probably knows how to spell "Bachelorette":

This face says, "You gotta believe me":

That's some panic right there dawg:

OOOh I didn't know there were photos:

Do his pupils look dilated?

He's fucked:

Goodbye, Ryan!

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