Is Ryan Fox From 'The Bachelorette' A Plant Or Just Really Bad At This Show?

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Is Ryan Fox From 'The Bachelorette' A Plant Or Just Really Bad At This Show?

The season has barely started, but we already have our first villain of Michelle's The Bachelorette: Ryan Fox. According to his official ABC cast bio, Ryan is an "environmental consultant" from California. But, according to sneak peeks released from the premiere, he's also a fame-seeking bro who showed up on The Bachelorette set with an entire game plan on how to get the most screen time.

On first glance, Ryan looks like a pretty normal 30 year old. He's got a great head of hair, he runs his own business, called Fox Onsite Solutions, his parents, per his bio, own a raisin ranch. His bio also describes him as "compassionate, competitive, and motivated" and notes that he's looking for a woman who checks all his boxes: "intelligent, down to earth, big heart, healthy, and a girl-next-door type." He is also "obsessed with ice cream trucks" and "enthusiastic about cuddling."

Ryan Fox's Instagram

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Ryan's Instagram is incredibly revealing. There, he posts mostly about three things: fitness, his business, and his family. Sounds cute right? Just wait until you read some of these captions. His main interests are CrossFit (🚩), training for a triathlon, and coaching special olympics, things he lays out in one particularly informative and slightly self-indulgent post that uses hashtags like "#constantlychange," "#international" (?), "#plan," and "#dothelittlethings."

Honestly, the best way to get to know Ryan is to look at his hashtags. He captioned a photo of himself after a triathlon with "#thickboyexpress." Another caption from early 2020 featured the hashtag "#beadoer."

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