Justin Had A Good Run On 'The Bachelorette' But... How?

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Justin Had A Good Run On 'The Bachelorette' But... How?

Did anyone else forget that Justin was still on The Bachelorette? Because I sure did. With most of the penultimate episode devoted to the tornado that was Greg Grippo's departure from the Journey of Love, it was easy to forget that Justin made it to the Top 4, and then with Michael A's departure, the Top 3, and then somehow the Top 2.

While Katie seems to genuinely enjoy her time with Justin, as far as a connection goes, you can't help but feel like this poor guy just kept advancing more and more because he wasn't the worst one in the room. Justin hasn't said he's there for the fame, or the Bachelor title. He hasn't started rumors and drama with the other men. He also hasn't gotten into a fight with Katie for all of America to see. Justin is just... there.

With that said, Justin has given us some great moments this season, mainly in the form of reaction shots. Our very own Jim Halpert, Justin channeled the viewers at home with some of the best reactions to some of the, quite honestly, bullshit that's happened this season. Katie calls someone out at a rose ceremony? There's a face for that. Someone says something awkward at a cocktail hour? Check. Group date gone wrong? Where do I begin...

So yes, we love the guy and his faces. But there's no way he can win this thing, right? Before Greg chose to leave on his own volition, I was very much Team Blake. And now with just Justin and Blake left, I really feel like it's either Blake, or nobody. Sorry Justin, but it's true.

So it may be a little too soon, but I say let's pour one out for Justin. He truly had a great ride. I'm not a betting woman but if I were, I would say that he beat all the odds to still be there. He makes really funny faces and is a very good painter.

And to Justin I say this: Justin, I hope you find love on Bachelor in Paradise (fingers crossed we see you coming down those iconic stair) and have much success with your new career as an influencer promoting protein powder and camping coolers.

Images: ABC

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