What Has Joe Been Doing Since 'The Bachelorette'? The Minnesotan Has Stayed Close To Home

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What Has Joe Been Doing Since 'The Bachelorette'? The Minnesotan Has Stayed Close To Home

Minnesota Joe has made it to the Fantasy Suite dates with Michelle on The Bachelorette, thanks in part to his love of basketball and their shared hometown. There's obviously more to him than Minnesota and basketball, but those two things are pretty relevant to what Joe has been doing since The Bachelorette. Could his continued basketball and Minnesota-related activities mean that his advantage over Nayte and Brandon in that arena continued and Joe wins The Bachelorette? Or... that he's simply sticking with what he knows after a breakup?

Michelle's season wrapped filming in September. Joe's only posted on his Instagram six times since then and only sent a handful of tweets. For the most part, all of his social media interactions have been about (you guessed it): The Bachelorette, basketball, and his hometown of Minneapolis, Minn.

On Nov. 3, he posted about being at a Vikings game at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis the previous week. Yes, I realize that's football and not basketball — but it's got his hometown component.

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On Nov. 28, he was sipping hot chocolate with a view of Minneapolis behind him.

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And on Dec. 7, he was in San Francisco for a Golden State Warriors game against the San Antonio Spurs — though not in Minnesota, still basketball-related.

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A few days before the Warriors game, Michelle was also in California — at KIIS FM's iHeartRadio Jingle Ball. Since she's been promoting The Bachelorette, she has been spending more time around the Los Angeles area, whether for the American Music Awards or for "The Men Tell All." So Joe's trip to San Francisco (still a few hours away from Los Angeles) could just be a coincidence.

But one event where Michelle and Joe were at the same place at the same time was that aforementioned Minnesota Viking game. Fans on Reddit shared that Michelle attended the same Oct. 31 game against the Cowboys as Joe did. They apparently didn't sit together and according to someone in the comments who claimed to be at the game, Joe did look uncomfortable when the camera focused on him and he was blasted on the big screen.

Does the October Vikings game prove anything other than what we already know — that Joe and Michelle are two sports-loving Minnesotans? Well, you'd think if they were together, they would have been aware that the other person was attending the game and maybe not have both gone to avoid discussions exactly like this, so it could be a sign they aren't together. On the plus side, Since then, Joe has retweeted a tweet that Michelle wrote about him after he opened up on The Bachelorette, which might imply that there's no tension between them.

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It's a small world and apparently, Minneapolis is a small town. So just like they knew about each other before The Bachelorette, Joe and Michelle will inevitably run into each other after the show... whether or not she picks him.

Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC

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