8 Quotes From Michelle & Joe's 'Bachelorette' Date That Prove He Wins

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8 Quotes From Michelle & Joe's 'Bachelorette' Date That Prove He Wins

If you ask me, it's been clear from the start that Michelle should choose Joe as her Bachelorette winner. They're both from Minneapolis. Their chemistry is off the charts. They both have a love of basketball, and they essentially reenacted the 2000 movie Love & Basketball during a group date in episode 2. Well, in this week's episode, Joe gets his one-on-one date and it becomes even more obvious that Michelle is going to pick Joe in the end. (Right? Right???)

This week's episode takes place in Minneapolis and, what do ya know, Michelle and Joe are both from there and she chooses him for the first one-on-one date. They spend the day throwing out the first pitch at a Twins game, visiting her high school, and playing a game of basketball. Things turn more serious at dinner with Joe sharing about a dark time he went through after having surgeries that upended his college basketball career.

Throughout the entire date, Michelle drops lines that show just how into Joe she is. These quotes prove that there's no one else she should make it to that little finale proposal platform with.

"I feel like Joe would have been my crush in high school, because he played basketball, he has a good head on his shoulders, and he's good looking."

This one is simple, but telling.

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