When Did Michelle's 'Men Tell All' Episode Film?

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When Did Michelle's 'Men Tell All' Episode Film?

We did it Joe! We made it through yet another season of what seems to be the never ending schedule that is Bachelor Nation. Don't get me wrong, I am very excited for Michelle to find her person (it's gotta be Nayte, right?), but mama needs a break.

On Monday we have the "Men Tell All," the recurring special that somehow always slips my brain. I think when you're in the home stretch you just want to get to the finish line, you know? Considering things change in Bachelor Nation overnight (see Katie and John dating now), you may be wondering when the "Men Tell All" special was filmed, and how much time has passed for things to look completely different in the lives and landscapes of Michelle's men.

According to Reality Steve, the "Men Tell All" taped on Monday, November 22, so recent! He also added that this means that Clayton's season must have finished filming a couple days before, since they are using the same crew. They must be more tired than I am.

Judging by the photos, it looks like the men are prepared to get into the drama that took place this season. I can't wait to see Michelle confront Ryan Fox about his playbook and perhaps even see Tayshia address her split from Zac. (Added bonus if we learn why Clayton was picked as the next Bachelor.)

Images: ABC

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