Is 'Bachelor In Paradise' A Place For Redemption?

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Is 'Bachelor In Paradise' A Place For Redemption?

People go down on Bachelor in Paradise for many reasons: to find love, to get a paid vacation, to relive their 15 minutes of fame, and let's not forget to build their social media following. But do people go on BiP to try and rehabilitate their reputation? I would argue yes.

Listen, villains gotta vill, but let's break the forth wall for a second — a lot of evil magic happens in the editing bay. And sometimes (a lot of times) contestants don't get the best edit the first go around. Bachelor in Paradise has proven time and time again that it is a chance to change your reputation. Unfortunately, that doesn't always work in their favor.

Let's take a look back at former BiP contestants and evaluate how Paradise changed their reputation (good and bad).

Krystal Nielson, Season 5

From the "baby voice," to the tantrums, to the overall lack of self-awareness, Krystal's time on Arie's season was a hard pill to swallow. But down in Paradise, we saw a much more likable person. She ended up getting engaged and married to Chris Randone, with all of Bachelor Nation and fans at home rooting for them. This is truly a redemption story. (Sadly, Krystal and Chris ended up getting divorced).

Blake Horstmann, Season 6

Blake's narrative definitely shifted when he went on Paradise. The once heartbroken good guy turned into a playa-playa when it was found out that he had been talking/hanging out/hooking up with not one, not two, not even three, but four girls pre-Paradise. Not a good look. In his defense, he was not in a single relationship when he made his way to the beach... unlike some people this season (looking at you Victoria P. and Brendan).

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