Can Genevieve Take On Shanae During 'The Bachelor's Dreaded 2-On-1?

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Can Genevieve Take On Shanae During 'The Bachelor's Dreaded 2-On-1?

With Elizabeth gone, any remaining contestant was as good as any to be a suitable candidate to go on a two-one-date with Shanae on The Bachelor. But with her outspoken disdain for all the shrimp talk, Genevieve on The Bachelor has been chosen as Tribute. She'll face-off with Shanae during Week 5 and even though the show hasn't devoted much screen time to Genevieve's life, job, and family outside of The Bachelor, it feels safe to say that everyone is rooting for her.

In the previews for Week 5, the task of taking on Shanae at Niagara Falls has been foisted upon Genevieve. At this point, I just want to ensure that Genevieve comes back from the Maid of the Mist alive. Which, according to her Instagram, she has! As for other social media profiles, she has a Facebook profile that's pretty private to non-friends, she's on TikTok but hasn't posted, and doesn't have a LinkedIn profile or a Twitter. (There is a Gen Parisi on Twitter, whose account has been suspended. But there's no indication that it's this Gen Parisi.) Here's what else the internet reveals about The Bachelor woman who is destined to rid us of Shanae once and for all.

She's From Massachusetts

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Genevieve may be a California girl now, but she's originally from the Boston area (technically, her hometown is Rehoboth, Ma.). According to Facebook, she graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2017 and her first Instagram posts in the Los Angeles area are from 2018. Based on the above post and this one, she clearly doesn't miss the Northeast weather. But like a true New Englander, she has stayed committed to Tom Brady, even after her move to the West Coast (and Brady's to Tampa Bay). She also apologized to her dad for attending a Dodgers game.

She's Close To Her Family

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Despite moving away, Genevieve seems close with her family, writing in 2018, "4 months too long without my family." As she told Clayton on night one, family's important to her, and her parents have been married for 32 years. She also has a sister named Nicole, who's been featured a few times on Gen's Instagram. Nicole's Instagram is also public and features bonus posts of her Bachelor contestant sister.

She Says What's On Her Mind

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It seems Genevieve got picked to go on the two-on-one because she won't hesitate to call shit out. In the posts she has shared about her time on The Bachelor, they've featured her comforting Shanae with some f-bombs. "What the fuck are you doing here?" she said when Shanae crashed the Purple Punishers' victory date. In another clip from the Week 4 rose ceremony, she states what every Bachelor viewer has thought at least once since "shrimpgate" began, "It's fucking shrimp." Sierra has been the other contestant unafraid to take down the villains, helping boot out Cassidy and bringing up Shanae's behavior to Clayon, but it's Genevieve's time to shine now.

She May Be Friends With Amy Landecker?!

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As Us Weekly would say, stars — they're just like us! And it's well-established that celebrities love watching The Bachelor. But does that explain why Transparent star Amy Landecker comments on Gen's Bachelor-related Instagram posts? On Genevieve's post about her limo arrival, Landecker praised her, writing, "You were so classy and charming and adorable and gorgeous. Well done!" Landecker also wrote "Yummy" in the comments of Genevieve's post about the kid's birthday cake she made (and which subsequently got destroyed). Landecker follows Genevieve and vice versa, so it seems these two may know each other beyond an actor who simply likes watching The Bachelor. (Though for what it's worth, based on IG comments, Tori Deal from The Challenge also seems to be a Gen fan.)

She Loves A Bikini

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A large portion of Genevieve's Instagram photos feature her in swimwear. And no, I'm not exaggerating since out of her 106 current IG posts (as of the publication of this article), 40 of them have her wearing a bikini or bathing suit. Bikinis seem to be her preference with one of her captions being, "First to guess how many bikinis I own wins," and another saying, "If it requires a bikini my answer is yes." She also rocked a Baywatch Halloween costume back in 2018 (where she admitted that for all her swimwear, she doesn't swim in the ocean). It's too bad she wasn't on the Clayton's Baywatch date, but if things don't work out for her with Clayton, Gen's already got the Paradise look down.

She's Got The Makings Of Bach Nation Social Media Stardom

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With all of her photoshoots on Instagram, Genevieve is primed for some spon-con. As a bartender in Los Angeles, she's got the career flexibility to take on doing ads on social media and she's in the ideal city to pursue fame post-Bachelor. She's also already hung out at a Revolve event, so she's prepped to be a full-fledged member of Bachelor Nation.

She Does Not Seem Compatible With Clayton

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While Genevieve better stay over Shanae, it doesn't seem like she and Clayton are going to end up together. Genevieve exudes a lot of confidence and her Bachelor bio was very particular on the type of partner she's seeking. "Her dream man is someone that will let her maintain her independence and always keep her laughing. She wants someone who won't be afraid to admit that they are wrong or change their personality when they are 'bro-ing out' with the guys. They also must have a good relationship with their mother and be able to have deep, meaningful conversations." Maybe Clayton is that guy (hey, he did recently apologize). But if not, Genevieve's future of dipping in the Bachelor Nation dating pool seems bright.

Images: Ricky Middlesworth/ABC

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