Has Anyone Taken A Rose Back On 'The Bachelor' Before? Clayton May Make History

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Has Anyone Taken A Rose Back On 'The Bachelor' Before? Clayton May Make History

I have been saying for weeks that I desperately need a break from The Bachelor, but I'm going to eat my words because tonight's episode was chef's kiss. This is the drama I live for. Let's just cut to the Cassidy of it all. I give props where props are due, because the girl is great at getting the guy. (To be clear, I don't think she actually wants the guy, but that's not really a requirement on this show if we're being honest, is it?) However, Cassidy may be texting someone back home, and now her Bachelor life is very much on the line.

On Monday's episode, Cassidy forgot she was on a TV show (and mic'd up) and told another contestant that she was texting someone back home who wanted to watch the show with her (among other things) when she got back. The conversation (which again, was on TV, and on record) got back to Clayton, which rightfully threw him off. A concerned looking Jesse walks up to him and asks "What's going on?" to which Clayton replies, "Question for you. A weird question but... has anyone ever taken a rose back before?" (As if Jesse has the inherent knowledge to know that, but let's go with it!)

Cut to the "TO BE CONTINUED" slide.

Not only do we not get to see the answer to this question, but we have to wait a full two weeks to find out what happens and I need to know. So, naturally, I scoured the preview looking for Cassidy. Granted, if producers are leaving us on a cliffhanger, they probably won't make the mistake of showing her in the preview, but it was worth a shot, right?

Wrong. Because the preview gives us little to no clues of whether she's being kept around. (There is a blonde with her head turned in this photo below, but that could be so many of the women, like Lyndsey W., for example.)

Now, if you really want to know what happens, we can look to Reality Steve's predictions. (Spoiler warning coming in 3, 2, 1...) According to the blogger, Cassidy is sent home after having her rose revoked. And to answer Clayton's initial question to Jesse, no. A rose has never been taken back by a lead before on The Bachelor. So Clayton is really paving a new road for himself, whether it makes his journey easier or not.

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