Demi Burnett 'Bachelor' Timeline, From "Villain" To Fiancé To 'BIP' Hopeful

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Demi Burnett 'Bachelor' Timeline, From "Villain" To Fiancé To 'BIP' Hopeful

Step aside, Queen (I mean, Goddess??) Victoria. The true queen of Bachelor Nation is hitting the beach. Demi Burnett is coming to Bachelor in Paradise and like her many appearances on the franchise before, she's promising to serve up some Good TV. If poor Grocery Store Joe felt like an outcast in the Bachelor in Paradise premiere, perhaps he'll be encouraged by the return of another BiP veteran... even if Demi's fellow female contestants seem less than thrilled by her appearance.

You may struggle to remember a time before Demi Burnett was part of Bachelor Nation. But she only got her start during Colton's season, which premiered in January 2019. And love her or not, Demi is to thank for bringing some queer representation to the franchise when she appeared on Bachelor in Paradise in summer 2019. (Though, let us not forget Jaimi King, who was the first openly queer contestant... in America at least.)

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But from The Bachelor to Paradise, there have been a number of stops on the rose petal express for Demi. Here's her full history with the franchise.

The Bachelor Season 23 With Colton Underwood

Demi first blew in to Bachelor Nation as a contestant on Colton Underwood's season. The 23-year-old from Texas was the first person to exit the limo where she teased Colton about his virginity. She continued to push boundaries during group date after parties and cocktail parties by giving Colton a massage, blindfolding him, and spanking him, etc.

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