Australia Officially Beat America In The Bisexual Bachelor Nation Race

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Australia Officially Beat America In The Bisexual Bachelor Nation Race

Welp, it’s official: The Bachelorette Australia has chosen a bisexual woman as its next lead, and America is left with dust. In the wake of Colton Underwood’s coming out and all the discourse about whether or not the U.S. could ever have a gay Bachelor or Bachelorette (answer: yes, totally) and if ABC is even ready for that responsibility (answer: uh, not sure), Australia has decided to show us how its done, as they should. That said, I am totally jealous and fully prepared to throw a tantrum that they have everything that I want.

If you’re behind on the news, let me catch you up.

Yesterday, on May 19, Australia's Channel 10 announced that it is Brooke Blurton’s turn to find love. A contestant on Nick Cummins' season of The Bachelor Australia back in 2018 and the following season of Bachelor in Paradise Australia in 2019, they decided to bring her back for her own ~journey~ to find The One — and that journey is going to look a little different than all the ones that came before. Because Brooke is bisexual, The Bachelorette Australia is looking to cast people of all genders to date her.

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While Brooke admitted in a statement to The Daily Telegraph that she’s not sure Australia is as ready as she is, her Instagram comments seemed to suggest otherwise. I even noticed one familiar face among them: notorious Bachelor Nation hottie Alex Bordyukov, who stole hearts on Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette and has already made his international debut on the franchise. Apparently, he’s regretting not shooting his shot when they appeared on season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise Australia together, and he’s interested in a second chance. “Congratulations!!” he wrote. “Where do I submit?”

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