Forget Aaron & Thomas, Connor B. & Lance Bass Are The 'BiP' Feud To Watch

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Forget Aaron & Thomas, Connor B. & Lance Bass Are The 'BiP' Feud To Watch

Thomas and Aaron might have the loudest feud on Bachelor in Paradise so far, but make no mistake, Connor B. and Lance Bass have the best Paradise rivalry. While Aaron and Thomas were yelling on the beach about "disrespect, bro," and fighting over Tammy's right to kiss whoever she wants (gross), Connor was taking his beef with former *NSYNC star Lance Bass to Instagram. And, honestly, it's way more fun to watch.

Connor and guest host Lance Bass' feud started last week, after Lance publicly doubted Connor's intentions for being on the show, suggesting he wasn't there for the right reasons. "I definitely see him on there, you know, trying to start his country career," Lance told Nick Viall on the Aug. 24 episode of The Viall Files. He claimed that right after they met, the first thing Connor asked him was if his song for Katie made it onto The Bachelorette. "That was like the only thing he was concerned about, was if his song made the cut."

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This exchange, of course, was released after Connor brought back his Bachelorette song for Katie and his original song for BiP (that had already been featured in the season premiere), performing a mini-concert on the beach for Abigail, Jessenia, and Wells. So, yeah, it wasn't really a great look for Connor, and he did not take kindly to the accusation. "'he's here for his music' 'enough with the uke' 'ugh he's cringey and annoying' - fuck OFF and let me play my dumb little songs for people; it's my way to try and bring a little joy. kindness is free #BachelorInParadise," he tweeted on Aug. 26.

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Lance never responded, though, based on his performance on The Viall Files, my guess is that he wasn't that serious in the first place. Honestly, Connor, nobody really cares if you're in Paradise for "the right reasons." If that were the case, then more people would be mad that you, Aaron, Thomas, and James are on the beach in Mexico one second after getting dumped by Katie. But, that's a whole other story.

Despite the fact that Lance didn't respond to Connor's tweet, after Monday's episode featured a sad Cat Connor wearing a very bright, mismatched patterned romper, the budding musician reignited the feud on Instagram. "Joke's on @lancebass - I actually came on the show to start my runway career," Connor wrote on Instagram, sharing a soon to become an iconic clip of him modeling his divisive romper from last night's episode.

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The man's got a point!

When Lance Bass first arrived in Paradise, he was greeted by Connor B. rocking out to "It's Going To Be Me." I really thought it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. But clearly, I was wrong. It was the beginning of the most beautiful BiP rivalry the beach has ever seen.

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Forget about Team Aaron or Team Thomas, Team Mari and Team Demi, the only question that mattes right now is are you Team Lance or Team Connor?


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Image: Bachelor Nation/YouTube; ABC/Craig Sjodin

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