Are Maurissa & Riley Are Still Together After 'Bachelor In Paradise'?

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Are Maurissa & Riley Are Still Together After 'Bachelor In Paradise'?

This season on Bachelor in Paradise, nobody did it like Maurissa and Riley. They may not be the season's longest running couple (that crown goes to Joe and Serena), but they are definitely the most passionate. As we've learned before, though, what's hot and heavy on the beach can fizzle real quick in the real world. But if any couple can make it, I have to believe it's them, and these clues Maurissa and Riley are still together post-Paradise are giving me hope.

Riley and Maurissa have been together since Riley arrived on the beach in Week 2, and while they haven't always been on solid ground (just last week, Maurissa worried that Riley was pulling away), their love for each other has been pretty obvious from the jump. I mean, their first date ended up in the Boom Boom room and, according to other contestants on the beach, there was a time they were fully camped out there. They haven't even considered going on dates with other people, and they've been a united front in the face of all the drama going on around them. So, are they still together? Spoilers ahead.

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According to early reporting by Reality Steve, Maurissa and Riley do get engaged at the end of Paradise. But that was filmed months ago at the end of June, and a lot could have changed since then. Nothing in Bach is ever certain, and, until the two are allowed to talk about their relationship post-show, we have no other option other than to search for clues. So, that's exactly what I did, and here's everything I found.

Riley & Maurissa Rarely Post About Each Other

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Neither Riley nor Maurissa are particularly active on social media, though the do both have Twitter and Instagram. There, they've refrained from commenting directly on their relationship, though they have both shared a few cute photos from their time in Paradise. This might sound discouraging, but it's actually giving me hope that these two crazy kids made it. Bachelor is notorious for keeping couples apart so as not to spoil the season, so the less the interact, the higher the odds that they're together.

For example, last week, while Riley was at the Governor's Ball in New York with a ton of other Bachelor alums, Maurissa posted on Instagram about being home alone with her cat, causing some fans on Reddit to get "nervous." But, it could all be a strategy. Remember, if Riley and Maurissa are still together, they're doing everything in their power not to be spotted in the real world, which could include publicly saying they're in different places just to throw fans off the scent! Plus, in late August, Reality Steve blogged that Maurissa and Riley were still together, they just hadn't been spotted by fans because "they're just better at hiding it."

I know what you're thinking, what if they just don't post about each other because they had a messy breakup and aren't speaking anymore? This is where the liked tweets come in handy. Just last week, on Sept. 21, Maurissa liked this tweet from Deandra praising their relationship. "I need a love like @RileyDChristian and @Rissa_Gunn," she wrote. "I'm a proud mother watching y'all rn." Seems like a weird tweet to like if you're broken up.

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Then there's the Bachelor In Paradise tweet from the week prior, when the show shared a GIF of Wells' commentary on Riley and Maurissa's whipped cream date. "If you can suck on a toe, you can get engaged at the end of this thing," he said. Riley and Maurissa both liked this one. So, not hard evidence, but still, it would be a very strange thing to do if you didn't get engaged or leave the beach together.

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Maurissa and Riley might not be out there praising each other every chance they get, but it's the little things, like Riley calling Maurissa the sexiest person on the beach on a podcast, that give me hope they're still thriving as a couple.


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